Actor? Philosopher? Social worker?

Careers in the fields of the arts, humanities and social work lead to enriching professions that entertain the masses, allow people to search for deeper meaning and help others to thrive in life.

The Arts

The hands-on experiences of our theatre program and nationally accredited art program enrich the lives of our students well beyond the classroom and studio. Our majors assist students in unlocking their potential and help them develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to start successful careers.

The theatre program provides hands-on opportunities for students within their first year of study. Clarion is the only university in PASSHE to offer a BFA program with concentrations in acting, design/technical director and musical theatre. Clarion's Bachelor's to MBA program is also an option for theatre majors, allowing students to graduate in five years with a dual degree.

Clarion University's theatre program produces four main shows a year and two student-produced shows and gives professional practice through regular auditions on campus.

Our graduates earn top jobs on stage and behind the scenes in off-Broadway productions, regional theatre companies and on cruise lines. Some of the notable companies include the Pittsburgh Opera and Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera. Other graduates join prestigious Master of Fine Arts programs nationwide.

Clarion University Department of Art is one of the finest in the region. It is one of only two fine arts program in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design. Fewer than 270 programs in the United States share this distinction.

Through courses, exhibitions, research and degree programs, the department advances understanding and appreciation of the visual arts and trains professional artists.

Art graduates gain experience in painting, printmaking, sculpture, jewelry, ceramics, graphic design, and two and three-dimensional design, as well as the opportunity for students to exhibit their work in gallery spaces on and off campus. Graduates also gain exposure to museums, art galleries and begin networking with visiting artists to the campus. Our graduates go on to become working artists or join prestigious Master of Fine Arts programs.


Those who study humanities seek to understand the deeper questions of life and discover our overall humanity. They study the world's cultures, history, modern day systems of government and societal motivations.

Anthropology majors seek to understand human beings in general. Graduates obtain rewarding careers in museums, aid agencies, business, government, forensics, and teaching.
History majors study the history of all mankind. History graduates often go on to a wide range of careers in business, law, public policy and advocacy, education, journalism historical societies, museums, and archives.

Philosophy majors have the opportunity to think about topics that range from the existence of God to the confirmation of scientific theories. Our philosophy graduates often go on for advanced degrees including law school.

Political Science majors understand local, national and global politics and find careers in government on the local, county, state and federal levels. They also work on political campaigns and for agencies that support human rights. Many graduates also go on to graduate and law school.

Social sciences

Social patterns and events affect people in profound ways. Those who study social sciences seek to understand this and have a healthy desire to further explore human nature.

Clarion's programs will give you a strong understanding of the society we live in from various perspectives. You will explore different outlooks and know how to apply them to real-world issues.
After graduation, you will be prepared for a rewarding career that will positively impact people or be prepared to take the next step in your educational career at a graduate or law school.

Graduates typically apply to master's programs for advanced studies in psychology, sociology, women and gender studies and other human service fields.


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