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The following donors help us keep our mission first of serving Clarion University and the community in which we live. If you want to be a part of the team that works for Clarion, contact us, as we always need great people to help us reach our goals. Donate, volunteer, share your talents, join our team...

The list of names of our contributors is subject to error, both human and computer. If there is an error, please accept our apology and bring it to our attention.

* Donor passed away in the year reported.

University Club ($5,000 or more)

Mr. David E. Adelman '62 Alfred H. and Janet L. Lander Family Charitable Foundation
       Mr. Alfred H. Lander '74 and Mrs. Janet Lander
Dr. Ernest C. Aharrah '49 Mr. Charles P. Leach, Jr. and Mrs. Sonja Leach
Mr. Jeffrey F. Azzato '85 and Mrs. Michele Azzato Dr. Glenn R. McElhattan '56
       and Mrs. Mary F. ( Master ) McElhattan '72
Dr. Floyd Barger '58 McElhattan Foundation
Mrs. Milissa A. ( Steiner ) Bauer '84 Mrs. B. Helen ( Christian ) Milliron '57
Kenneth W. Beels Charitable Trust Mr. James E. Moffatt '70
       and Mrs. Marilyn D. ( Pyle ) Moffatt '70
Mr. Tom Bowman '77 and Mrs. Linda S. ( Allison ) Bowman '77 The MPB Charitable Foundation - Ms. Michelle Boodjeh
Mr. John V. Calipari '82 and Mrs. Ellen Calipari NexTier Bank
Clarion County Rod & Gun Club Mr. Wayne Norris '65 and Mrs. Jacalyn Norris
The Commodore Corporation Mr. Paul D. Palmer '61 and Mrs. Paula J. Palmer
Mr. Mark R. Demich '79 and Mrs. Deborah H. LPM Demich Dr. Dale E. Pehrsson and Dr. Robert S. Pehrsson
Mr. Jeffrey S. Edwards '84 and Mrs. Beth Edwards Dr. Rod D. Raehsler and Mrs. Kara D. Raehsler '94
Mr. Robert D. Emigh '74 and Mrs. Emily K. ( Hincken ) Emigh '72 Mr. Mark Riesmeyer and Mrs. Sheryl Riesmeyer
Mr. Peter Fackler Mr. James T. Ringland and Mrs. Karen Ivey
Football Alumni Committee Robindale Energy Services, Inc.
       Mr. Scott Kroh '74 and Mrs. Pamela J. Kroh
Ms. Jane K. France '71 and Mr. Christian L. Allison S & T Bank
Mr. Richard Gent and Dr. Pamela Gent Estate of Louise Salvucci
Estate of Dilip K. Ghosh '78* Mr. Robert F. Schmidt '69
Addison H. Gibson Foundation Mr. Richard K. Slike '76
       and Mrs. Susan A. ( Stehle ) Slike '79
Johnson & Johnson Dr. Phyllis W. Smith
Samuel Justus Charitable Trust Mr. Henry Suhr, Jr. and Mrs. Beverly Suhr
Charles E/Virginia Kaufman Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation Mr. John Truscott and Mrs. Carol A. ( Neuberger ) Truscott '79
Mr. Michael R. Keefer and Mrs. Cathy R. ( Rhodes ) Keefer '93 Mr. Edward D. Wallace '73 and Mrs. Sharon Wallace
Mr. Charles F. Klingensmith '61 Dr. Karen Whitney and Dr. Peggy Apple
Mr. L. Kent Kretzler '73 Dr. Paul R. Woodburne and Ms. Nancy Sansone
Dr. Scott Kuehn and Dr. Myrna Kuehn Mr. Curtis L. Zimmerman '79
       and Mrs. Carrie L. ( Englert ) Zimmerman
Mr. William E. Lafranchi '49  


 President's Club ($2,500 - $4,999) 

Dr. Syed R. Ali-Zaidi* Mr. Robert M. McBurney '71
Dr. Jeffery B. Allen and Mrs. Debbie Allen McDonald's - Mr. Gene Puskash
Mr. Mark S. Andrekovich '84
       and Mrs. Mari K. ( Pietila ) Andrekovich '87
Dr. David D. McFadden '84
APSCURF Microtel Inn & Suites by Wyndham
Ayco Charitable Foundation Mr. W. Dale Murdock '72
       and Mrs. Debra A. ( Uchal ) Murdock '73
Ms. Lindsay R. Banner '07 Dr. Ronald Nowaczyk and Ms. Maureen Lavan
Mr. H. Eugene Burns and Mrs. Susanne A. Burns Mrs. Marilyn J. ( Follette ) O'Brien '63
Mr. Michael G. Casciato '81 PA North Central Region Math Science Ed. Collaborative, Inc.
Dr. Richard R. Castafero '68 and Mrs. Gail L. Castafero Mrs. Mary Lou H. ( Herbert ) Pae '79
Mrs. Betty M. ( McCutcheon ) Chan '74 Dr. James G. Pesek and Mrs. Karen Westfall Pesek
Mr. Robert J. Cloherty '62 and Mrs. Jeanie Cloherty Dr. Diane L. Reinhard
Mr. Michael J. Cole '89
       and Mrs. Stephanie R. ( Sherman ) Cole '90
Mr. Vincent V. Sands '78
       and Mrs. Theresa A. ( Renz ) Sands '79
Colegrove Educational Trust The J. M. Smucker Company
Eden, Inc. - Mr. G. B. Garbarino and Mrs. Gwen Garbarino Mr. Jeff T. Snodgrass and Dr. Wendy Snodgrass
Farmers National Bank of Emlenton Swartfager Welding, Inc.
Freebourn Properties
       Mr. Royce E. Freebourn '80 and Mrs. Rose Marie Freebourn
UPMC Northwest Auxiliary
Mr. Michael H. Hinderliter '71 and Mrs. Kay M. Hinderliter Mr. Gregg J. Wagner '82
       and Mrs. Annemarie ( Hackett ) Wagner '82
Loyal Order of Moose 101 Dr. George & Twila Wollaston Trust for Charitable Purposes


 Rising Eagles Club ($1,000 - $2,499) 

Mr. William Ackerman '73
       and Mrs. Leslie R. ( Damon ) Ackerman
Mr. Charles A. Hunt, Jr. '73
Dr. Arthur Acton and Mrs. Mary Ann Acton Atty. Emmanuel O. Iheukwumere '90
Mr. Russell F. Adkins '74 and Mrs. Sharon Adkins Mr. Timothy C. Irons and Mrs. Carol Irons
Mr. James M. Alcorn '68 and Mrs. Jacaqua L. Alcorn Mr. Larry W. Jamison '87 and Mrs. Ann M. Jamison
American Legion - Craig E. Fleming Post 66 Kappa Kappa Psi
APSCUF - Clarion Chapter Mr. Paul B. Kemble, Jr. '68
Mr. Lynn Armstrong '68 Mr. James L. Kifer '83 and Mrs. Brenda Kifer
Audio-Logic, P.C.
       Dr. Nora L. Fuchs '83 and Mr. Daniel Fuchs
Kiwanis Club of Clarion
Mr. David A. Bailey '65 Ms. Deborah L. Kuhn
Mr. Norman F. Basso '76 and Mrs. Tina E. Basso Ms. Linda Larson
Mr. Edward J. Bauer '70 and Mrs. Kathryn S. Bauer Mrs. Mary Larson
Dr. Linda A. ( Marshall ) Bennett '65 Dr. Terry Latour and Mrs. Leslie Latour
Dr. Dipendra Bhattacharya Mr. Minde Lu '89
Blackbird Distillery
       Mr. David Black and Mrs. Jennifer Black
Mr. Ronald B. Lucas '82 and Mrs. Debra L. Lucas
R. L. Bolea, Inc. - Mr. Richard Bolea M and B Redi-Mix, Inc. / M and B Services, LLC
       Mr. Michael Hindman
Mr. William J. Brand '63 Dr. Dana E. Madison
Mr. Robert Bubb and Mrs. Marsha Bubb Mr. Richard C. Malacarne '63
       and Mrs. Nancy C. ( Coax ) Malacarne '63
Mr. Darl Callen, Jr. and Mrs. Madelon D. Callen '65 Mr. John Marinich '75
       and Mrs. Patricia S. ( Semonich ) Marinich '75
Mr. Pete P. Caristo '55 Mr. Rodrick J. Marquette '97
Char-Val Candies - Mr. Howard Shreckengost Mr. L. Douglas Martin '80
Mr. Lawrence P. Cirka '73 and Mrs. Judy L. ( Strachan ) Cirka '82 Mr. Charles C. Matsko '70
       and Mrs. Loretta V. ( Vastadore ) Matsko '71
Clarion Psychiatric Center Mr. Donald J. McGrath, Jr. '82 and Mrs. Virginia C. McGrath
Commission for the Universities of the PASSHE Emily R. ( Sweetman ) Mebust '91
Mr. Michael R. Cook Mr. Trueman W. Mills '55 and Mrs. Jean L. ( Weaver ) Mills '59
Mr. Ralph T. Critten '94 and Mrs. Cynthia H. Critten The Miranda Family/Betty Miller Trust
       Mr. Paul Miranda and Mrs. Jodie Miranda
Mr. James M. Crooks '74 and Mrs. Lydia K. ( Pifer ) Crooks '80 Dr. Ronald E. Montgomery and Mrs. Judith Montgomery
Curly, LLC - Mr. Carl D. McManamy '63
       and Mrs. Charlene B. ( Benninghoff ) McManamy '63
Mr. Cameron M. Moran '12
Mr. Dennis C. Darling '69 and Mrs. Lila Darling Dr. Terry Morrow and Mrs. Phyllis Morrow
Mr. Adam P. Davidson
     and Mrs. Patricia D. ( Revelant ) Davidson '99
Mr. Richard W. Moss '72 and Mrs. Paula Moss
Mr. Raymond W. Day '69 and Mrs. Joanne W. Day Mr. Charles L. Motter
DE Sports, Inc. New York Life Insurance Company
Mr. Louis B. Dean, Jr. '74 and Mrs. Bea Dean Mr. David W. Ogden '74 and Mrs. Pamela A. M. Ogden
Dr. Brenda Dede Mr. James P. O'Hara '81
Mr. Todd A. DeIuliis '86 Mr. John Owens '15
Delta Zeta Sorority Mr. Logan J. Pearsall '10
Ms. Jeanne M. Dennis Mr. Scott R. Peters '75 and Mrs. Barbara J. Peters
Mr. Mark J. Flack and Mrs. Patrice M. ( ) D'Eramo-Flack '86 Mr. Damon W. Peters '89
Mrs. LaVerne H. ( Haubrich ) Dobos '59 Mr. Earl R. Petrucci '64 and Mrs. Georgiana Petrucci
Mr. Jeffrey P. Douthett '79 and Mrs. Terri Douthett Mrs. Helen G. ( Grudowski ) Porter '60
Mr. Chuck Duffy and Mrs. Andrea Duffy Dr. Randall Potter and Dr. Jeanne M. Slattery
Mrs. Dorothy A. ( Dornburg ) Dull '52 Presbyterian Women of 2nd Presbyterian Church
Mrs. J. D. Dunbar '77 and Mr. Henry Faller Mr. Scott V. Reinsel '05
Mr. Paul E. Edder '81
       and Mrs. Theresa A. ( Zacherl ) Edder '91
Dr. Kevin J. Roth '81 and Mrs. Carol A. Roth
Edison International Mr. Robert G. Sabin '68
Mr. Richard N. Edwards and Mrs. Caroline Edwards Mr. Timothy W. Sandberg and Mrs. Marlene J. Sandberg
Kim Egan Charitable Fund Estate of Jay F. Shaffer '57
Dr. Jeffrey D. Eicher and Mrs. Susan Eicher Mr. Abhijit A. Shinde '11
Mr. Bert Else and Mrs. Milissa Else Ms. Bonnie ( Siepiela ) SinClair '70
Mr. Roger Engle and Mrs. Beverly A. Engle '71 Mr. Edward J. Smith '65 and Dr. Roxie R. ( Ruhlman ) Smith '67
Enterprise Holdings Foundation Mr. Kyle N. Smith '09 and Mrs. Zi-Xiang Shen
Mr. John Esposito Mr. Rich Snow and Mrs. Betty Snow
Mr. Sean Esterhuizen and Dr. Amy Esterhuizen Ms. Margaret A. Spindler
Dr. Soga Ewedemi Mr. Ronnie R. Standridge '79 and Mrs. Anne S. Standridge
Fab-Tec Industries, Inc.
      Mr. Daniel A. Kohley '84 and Mrs. Sheree Kohley
Mr. Frank Hershkowitz and Ms. Lorraine C. Staples, J.D. '76
Mr. Kale R. Fithian '97 Mr. Daniel J. Stellute '68
Mr. Paul L. Flickner '85 and Mrs. Ellen Flickner Mrs. Marilyn L. Stempeck '83
Mr. Timothy P. Fogarty and Mrs. Bridget Fogarty Mr. John M. Stoner, Jr. '75
       and Mrs. Janice L. ( McMinn ) Stoner '75
Dr. Benjamin Freed and Mrs. Deb Freed Mr. Bruce A. Sukaly '79 and Mrs. Leslie Sukaly
Dr. Phillip Frese and Mrs. Estelle Frese Mr. Frank Supancic '73
       and Mrs. Teresa J. ( Tedesco ) Supancic '73
Fullington Trailways LLC
       Mr. Mike Fullington
Maj. Gen. Peter J. Talleri, USMC (Ret) '79
       and Mrs. Deborah L. ( Lipko ) Talleri '80
Mrs. Constance Gamaluddin TCF Foundation
Mr. Robert J. Garritano '66 and Mrs. Joyce D. Garritano Mr. Anthony G. Tersine, Jr. '95
       and Mrs. Robin R. ( Dunlevy ) Tersine '97
Mr. James Geiger and Mrs. Kristen Geiger Mr. James Thornton and Mrs. Bridget Thornton
Mr. Alan Geiger Mr. David D. Todd '76
Congressman James W. Gerlach Mr. James A. Town '95 and Mrs. Annette M. Town '05
Dr. Lawrence Gilford Ms. Susan Traynor '89 and Mr. Michael R. Gabrovsek
Mr. Jeffrey G. Golias '83 Mr. Harry E. Tripp
Mrs. Margaret G. ( Gourley ) Graham '59 Dr. Andrew M. Turner and Dr. Sharon L. Montgomery
Mr. Michael A. Greer and Mrs. Lisa L. Greer Verizon Foundation
Mr. Bob Gross and Mrs. Brenda Gross Mr. Jeffrey P. Walentosky '90
Dr. Joseph P. Grunenwald and Mrs. Janice M. Grunenwald Ms. Lee Ann Wentzel '85
Dr. Harold Hartley and Mrs. Carolyn Hartley Mr. Kerry L. Wolbert '72
Mr. William R. Hartman '70 and Mrs. Irene A. Hartman Mr. Daniel S. Wolovich '70
       and Mrs. Cherie L. ( Lowe ) Wolovich '68
Dr. John W. Heard Write to Rent,  LLC
       Mr. Chris Cole and Mrs. Barbara Cole
Mr. James J. Herbert '79
       and Mrs. Kelly M. ( Hogue ) Herbert '79
Mr. Richard Wrona and Mrs. Sharon Wrona
Mr. David L. Hill '89 Mr. Matthew K. Zents '87
Hoffman Electric, Inc. - Mr. Justin Hoffman '82 Mr. Anton Zidansek and Mrs. Janet L. ( Steiner ) Zidansek '72


 CONTRIBUTORS ($500 - $999) 

Anonymous Donors Mr. James E. Kriebel and Mrs. Penny Kriebel
Dr. Vasudeva Aravind Mr. Thomas D. Kurts '68 and Mrs. Beverly E. Kurts
Mr. A. Craig Aston '63 and Mrs. Susan L. Aston '63 Mr. Richard L. Lewis '71
       and Mrs. Roberta O. ( Ordiway ) Lewis '72
Ms. Melinda L. Bailey Mr. Jeffrey S. Linden '89
Mr. Garry N. Barton '72 and Mrs. Margaret J. Barton '71 Ms. Leslie K. Loase '81
Mr. Michael B. Biggins '00 Ms. Martha L. Lojzim '82
Bluewater Management Group Inc Mr. John M. Lovre '57
       and Mrs. Evelyn D. ( Mezerski ) Lovre '59
Mr. Van C. Bowersox
       and Mrs. Kathryn E. ( Funkhouser ) Bowersox '73
Dr. Elizabeth MacDaniel
Ms. Sue A. Bowman '81 Mr. Robert W. Maddox and Mrs. Cheryl A. Maddox
Mrs. Nada J. ( Yanshak ) Brillante '64 Dr. Samuel J. Mann, M.D. and Mrs. Maureen O. Mann '72
Mr. Scott Burns and Mrs. Angelia M. ( Cherico ) Burns '87 Mr. Ladd Masek and Mrs. Nancy J. ( Exley ) Masek '64
Mr. David L. Callihan and Mrs. Jean Callihan '99 Mr. David McFarland
Clarion County Community Bank Mr. Christopher Miller, C.P.A. '01
Clarion University Pin Club Mr. Michael G. Miller '92
Mr. Harold D. Clark '68 and Mrs. Mary E. ( Proper ) Clark '67 Mr. Bernard E. Mills
Dr. Barbara A. Coles '89 Mr. Al Modrzejewski
Community Hospitality Healthcare Services Mr. Edward M. Munn '75
Mr. David P. Cooley '72 and Mrs. Dorothy Cooley Mr. Kenneth C. Nellis '86 and Mrs. Cynthia A. Nellis '16
Mr. Daniel L. Coon '72 and Mrs. Linda S. ( Nosker ) Coon '75 Madere M. Olivar
Mr. Robert D. Crowley and Mrs. Barbara J. ( Cook ) Crowley '71 Mr. Kirby L. Ordiway '80
Mr. Donald R. Daut '76 and Mrs. Janet W. Daut Mr. Richard Ortz and Mrs. Lisa Ortz
Mr. DuAne Davis and Mrs. Sonya D. ( White ) Davis '95 Mr. David D. Osikowicz '73
       and Mrs. Deborah J. ( Johnson ) Osikowicz '73
Dr. MaryAnn Demchak '79 Dr. Patrick T. O'Toole '79 and Mrs. Tracey O'Toole
Mr. Donald E. Dorn Ms. Mary Alice Ozechoski '86
Mr. Robert Drogowski and Mrs. Patricia A. Drogowski '71 Ms. Carol M. Palinkas '70
Eaton Corporation Mr. Archie L. Palmore, J.D. '75 and Mrs. Angela Palmore
Dr. John Eichlin Mr. Robert B. Perry '53
ExxonMobil Foundation Mr. David A. Peura '88 and Mrs. Carole L. ( Puglia ) Peura '88
Mr. John M. Farcus '03 Mr. Larry C. Pickett '77
       and Mrs. Melissa D. ( Audain ) Pickett '80
Dr. Susanne K. Fenske and Mr. Ron Fenske Mr. Jonas Pipher and Mrs. Holly A. ( King ) Pipher '08
Mr. Benjamin C. Fiscus '13 and Mrs. Lindsay E. Thill '13 Mr. Rein E. Pold '73
Ms. Roberta A. Fitzgibbon '74 Mr. Michael E. Polite '86
       and Mrs. Sheryl L. ( Anderson ) Polite '86
Dr. Joseph P. Fotos and Mrs. Libby Fotos Dr. Susan C. Prezzano
Franklin Rotary Club Primary Health Network
Galaxy Federal Credit Union Mr. Samuel Puleio, Jr. and Mrs. Terri Puleio
Mrs. Melissa R. ( Shreffler ) Garvin Raytheon Company
Ms. Alana H. Gazetski '67 Redbank Chevrolet, Inc.
Mr. Patrick T. Golden '71 and Mrs. Joyce A. ( Antolik ) Golden '71 Mr. Robert T. Reichert '84 and Mrs. Michelle Marie G. Reichert
Gray Family Foundation Dr. Edward J. Sarver '67
       and Mrs. Lorraine F. ( Stephenson ) Sarver '69
Mr. William Grove '88 and Dr. Colleen A. McAleer '75 Mr. Daniel K. Shirey III '79
Hampton Inn Dr. Elaine M. Shuey '78
Dr. Steven C. Harris and Mrs. Patricia Harris Ms. Debra A. Sigworth '19
Dr. David Hartley and Mrs. Julie Hartley Mr. David G. Simmons '63 and Mrs. Eileen Simmons
Mr. S. Eugene Herritt '69 and Mrs. Sally Herritt Ms. Alexis D. ( Davis ) Singer '73
Ms. Heather L. Holstine Mr. Max R. Smith and Mrs. Emily E. ( Deible ) Smith '02
Mr. David Hrovat and Mrs. Kimberly J. ( Strawbridge ) Hrovat '95 The Snebold Family Business Partners, LLC
       Mr. Richard C. Snebold, Jr. '68
       and Mrs. Jayne G. ( Milbrandt ) Snebold '69
Ms. Elizabeth ( Ferguson ) Hufford '70 Mr. Chris Sobina and Mrs. Debra D. Sobina '83
Mr. John P. Hughes '86 Mr. James A. Staab '74
Mr. Robert Johnson and Dr. Betsy S. ( Wyllie ) Johnson '94 Mr. John T. Stunda '79 and Mrs. Patricia Stunda
Johnson & Henninger Dental Offices, LLP
       Dr. Michael Johnson
Mr. Douglass Sturtz and Mrs. Brenda A. ( McElhattan ) Sturtz '79
Dr. Deborah J. Kelly '99 Super Subways, Inc.
       Mr. Timothy E. Murray '88 and Mrs. Robin Murray
Mr. Douglas L. Kennedy '81 and Mrs. Bridget M. Kennedy '90 Taylor Community Foundation
Dr. Andrew C. Keth '88 Dirk Vandermeer, O.D.
       Dr. Dirk Vandermeer and Mrs. Karen Vandermeer
Mr. Dennis A. Kinol '68 Vintage Financial Services, LLC
Mr. Dennis Kmiec and Mrs. Roberta L. ( Egidi ) Kmiec '71 Watson Excavating
       Mr. Lynn E. Watson '75 and Mrs. Susanne Watson
Mr. Matthew R. Koerper '17 Mr. Louis J. Weiers '89
Mr. Thomas J. Komenda '71 and Mrs. Judy Komenda Dr. Richard A. Wiesen '59
       and Mrs. Sandra L. ( Hepler ) Wiesen '59
Ms. Jamie Koshak Dr. James C. Wilson '53
Dr. Iseli K. Krauss Zonta Club of Oil City-Franklin


G.O.L.D. (Graduates of the last Decade)

Mr. Gabriel A. Ackman '18 Mr. Michael Lowrey '19
Mr. Tyler M. Agosti '17 Ms. Stacey Lutz-McCain '17
Mr. Matthew R. Allen '11 Mr. Thomas M. Malecki '11
Ms. Sarah E. Allen '17 Ms. Kaitlyn M. Marhefka '11
Mrs. Tori N. Amsler '10 Mr. Scott R. Marmoll '18
Mr. Christopher L. Anderson '10
       and Mrs. Ashley M. ( McCullough ) Anderson '13
Ms. Victoria L. Martin '16
Mr. Scott Anderson '16 Ms. Carly M. Masiroff '11
Mr. Alexander M. Barrick '17 Mr. Brendon P. Mason '13
Ms. Krista P. Baselj '11 Mr. Nicholas E. Matotek '19
Ms. Izannah R. Bashore '13 Mr. Eric R. Matthews '17
Mr. Tyler S. Bedelyon '14 Ms. Brooke C. Mays '18
Mr. John A. Benn '18 Mr. Robert S. McBurney '15
Mrs. Staci L. ( Burr ) Bettencourt '13 Mrs. Emilee R. McCollum '15
Mr. Gerald C. Bickel '19 Ms. Emily J. McCormick '11
Mr. Jesse L. Bischof '09 Mr. Todd M. McKeever '91 and Mrs. Susan L. McKeever '10
Mr. Kyle E. Bish '19 Mr. Robert M. McKeown '13
Mr. Patrick H. Bish '12 and Mrs. Shawna Bish Ms. Courtney L. McMurray '17
Mrs. Julia M. ( Auberzinsky ) Bramer '19 Mr. Cory M. McNamara '16
Mr. David T. Brooks '11 Ms. Caitlyn N. McNerney '16
Mr. James E. Brooks '14 Mrs. Casey L. McVay '10
Mr. Nickolas R. Bryan '12 Ms. Marina N. Meholick '18
Ms. Sandra A. Budd '16 Ms. Stephanie A. Messner '11
Ms. Hannah L. Bupp '16 Ms. Jennifer L. Michel '15
Ms. Rachel E. Burbules '12 Mr. Theron L. Miles '12
Ms. Sarah J. Burns '18 Ms. Kaitlin L. Minich '16
Ms. Sarah A. Butterfield '17 Ms. Kelsey Monro '18
Ms. Samantha J. Byerly '17 Mr. Andrew S. Moore '13
Mr. Mark Carpentieri '11 Mr. Cameron M. Moran '12
Mr. Seth R. Carr '17 Mrs. Kimberly E. ( Roby ) Morgan '11
Ms. Brittany M. Carr '14 Ms. Nicole D. Moser '17
Mr. Jonathan B. Catanzarita '11 Ms. Mary Catherine Munger '15
Mr. Richard L. Christie '12 Mr. Christopher S. Myers '12
Ms. Heidi G. Colosimo '15 Ms. Rebecca L. Myers '18
Mr. Vincent J. Coniglio III '19 Ms. Chelsea C. Neatrour '12
Mr. Mark B. Conrad '13 and Mrs. Robin E. Conrad '16 Ms. Erin J. Neely '16
Mrs. Robin E. Conrad '16 Ms. Elizabeth M. Neeman '18
Ms. Kelsie L. Conrad '16 Mr. Corey J. Negley '15
Ms. Theresa E. Cook '14 Mr. Kenneth C. Nellis '86 and Mrs. Cynthia A. Nellis '16
Mrs. Erin J. Cornell '10 Ms. Brianna C. Nellis '16
Mr. Cameron Cress '15 Ms. Sarah E. Newhard '15
Mr. Shane Cress '15 Mr. Mark R. Nicholas '16
Mr. Steven J. Cressley '13 Miss Sierra K. Nicholes '19
Mrs. Lindsey M. Crevar '15 Ms. Aaliyah G. Odom '18
Mr. Samuel A. Curtis '15 Ms. Gabriella N. Oglietti '16
Ms. Kimberly A. Dechant '09 Ms. Anna E. Olszewski '13
Mr. Nicholas J. Deemer '17 Mr. Conor M. Omecinski '16
Ms. Nicole R. DeLoe '16 Mr. John Owens '15
Mr. Kenneth M. DiBucci '14 Mr. John S. Pascuzzi '18
Ms. Emily B. Dingfelder '18 Mr. Michael P. Pavasko '16
Ms. Amanda J. Dixon '12 Ms. Thea H. Payne '09
Mr. Michael W. Goslicky and Ms. Terria L. Dotson '17 Mr. Logan J. Pearsall '10
Miss Jaclyn J. Drumheller '13 Ms. Holly A. Phillips '15
Mr. Casey R. Dunleavy '13
       and Mrs. Lauren C. ( Szoszorek ) Dunleavy '15
Ms. Jennifer L. Phillips '19
Mr. Michail K. Dunn '19 Ms. Karen L. Pierce '18
Mr. Harold P. Eck '12 Mr. Andrew J. F. Pirritano '16
Mr. Rich G. Eckert '10 and Mrs. Ashley Eckert Ms. Kaley A. Pittsley '17
Ms. Julie J. Edholm '17 Ms. Amanda L. Platt '14
Mr. Anthony J. Ertola '19 Mr. Frederick R. Porter '16
Mr. John E. Faber '16 Mr. William J. Price '11
Ms. Deborah A. Fanning '15 Ms. Denise Raleigh '14
Mr. Michael P. Felker '13 Ms. Stephanie I. ( Phillips ) Ralston '10
Mr. Benjamin C. Fiscus '13 and Mrs. Lindsay E. Thill '13 Mr. Bradley Rapp and Mrs. Ashley M. ( Swartzlander ) Rapp '10
Mr. Kyle W. Fluck '12 Ms. Constance J. Redfoot '18
Mr. Matthew J. Foradora '10 Mr. David K. Reed '09 and Mrs. Kayla J. ( Rush ) Reed '09
Ms. Kelly E. Forell '17 Mrs. Kayla J. Reed '09
Mr. John R. Fornear '17 Ms. Jodi K. Rhea '11
Mr. Stephen D. Francica '15 Mr. Justin T. Ringeisen '12
       and Mrs. Lauren N. ( Sigmund ) Ringeisen '13
Ms. Brittany R. Garner '17 Mr. Charles T. Roller '11
Mr. Christopher T. Gilman '10 Ms. Brittany L. Rosati '14
Mr. Jonathan L. Giuliani '10 Mr. Zack S. Rosen '14
Ms. Hannah L. Gloeckl '15 Ms. Alyssa E. Ruediger '19
Ms. Kaitlin O. Gore '18 Ms. Lori R. Russell '15
Ms. Katrina D. Greer '09 Ms. Ginny L. Saras '09
Ms. Sarissa L. Grove '14 Ms. Autumn M. Scanlon '14
Ms. Brittany N. Hacker '14 Mr. Adam J. Schmader '15
Mr. Thomas J. Hall '17 Mr. Brandon A. Schmude '19
Ms. Vanessa M. Haneke '13 Ms. Gianna M. Sgro '19
Mr. Nathan G. Hannah '16 Ms. Kalie F. Sheaffer '16
Mr. Mark A. Hartle '09 and Mrs. Elisa R. ( Chambers ) Hartle '11 Miss Richelle N. Sheley '19
Mrs. Michelle L. Hefferan '16 Mr. Richard D. Shenkle '15
Mr. Jacob A. Heigel '17 Mr. Brendan M. Shepherd '16
Ms. Andrea A. Heller '11 Mr. Paul M. Sherer '14
Ms. Jennifer L. Hemenger '12 Mr. Abhijit A. Shinde '11
Ms. Brana L. Hill '17 Mr. Brandon R. Short '16
Ms. Jasmine F. Hobson '19 Mr. Garrett M. Sigler '16
Mr. Benjamin R. Hoffman '09 Ms. Debra A. Sigworth '19
Mrs. Sarah A. Holland '10 Ms. Emily M. Slaughenhaupt '16
Mr. Stephen P. Hoover '12 Ms. Kelsey M. Slayton '15
Mr. Jordan A. Hudek '12 Ms. Mary C. Sloniger '17
Mr. Gerald Hudson '10 Miss Shannon L. Smith '19
Mr. Seth D. Ickes '18 Mr. Kyle N. Smith '09 and Mrs. Zi-Xiang Shen
Ms. Karyssa A. Isabella '16 Mr. Nicholas A. Snell '09 and Mrs. Sara L. ( Pratt ) Snell '10
Ms. Riley C. Ivol '16 Mr. Kristopher S. Snyder '09
Dr. Kimberly J. Jacobs '11 Ms. Alyssa M. Snyder '17
Ms. Noelle B. Janocha '12 Ms. Danielle N. Speer '17
Mr. Andrew Jones and Mrs. Jessica B. ( Toomey ) Jones '10 Mr. Brian R. Steiner and Mrs. Kari E. ( Spaid ) Steiner '11
Mr. Hunter J. Jones '10 Mr. Ernest C. Stewart '10
Ms. Sara L. Judy '17 Mr. Eric M. Stover '14
Ms. Alanna L. Justice '09 Mr. Jason M. Strohm '01 and Ms. Janine C. Strohm '16
Ms. Sarah J. Kasanicky '13 Ms. Lana L. Stromyer '13
Mr. Christopher M. Katella '11 Mr. Jonathan W. Strub '12
Dr. Chelsea N. Kaufman '10 Ms. Michele L. Swink '17
Mr. Kevin A. Kaufman '18 Ms. Sally P. Tamborski '15
Ms. Alicia D. Kaufmann '17 Ms. Tonya L. Telesz '16
Mr. William J. Keatley '11 Mr. Kyle P. Thauvette and Mrs. Samantha ( Noblit ) Thauvette '09
Mr. Seth W. Kerr '11 Ms. Liana R. Thies '16
Ms. Ashley J. Kesner '16 Miss Arnita S. Thompson '19
Mr. Min C. Kim '19 Ms. Mattison J. Thornton '17
Mr. Camron D. Kirkland '17 Mr. Damian S. Tomak '16
Mr. Tyler R. Kitzmiller '16 Mrs. Rebecca J. Vickers '11
Ms. Kelli S. Knapp '10 Mr. Cody Walker and Mrs. Kimberly A. ( Taylor ) Walker '11
Mr. Andrew J. Knauer '13 and Mrs. Joan M. Cullen '13 Miss Rebecca E. Wargo '17
Ms. Kara M. Knepp '15 Mr. Conrad B. Warner '05 and Mrs. Hope J. ( Magee ) Warner '10
Mr. Todd H. Knispel '10 Mr. David C. Watson '12
Mr. Jon E. Knoll '12 Mr. James W. Weaver '09
       and Mrs. Emily M. ( Hoover ) Weaver '09
Mr. Matthew R. Koerper '17 Mr. William Weaver and Mrs. Debra K. Weaver '15
Ms. Veronika Kovba '17 Mr. James D. Welch '10
Ms. Anne M. ( Lee ) Krasilshchik '19 Ms. Kaitlynn R. Wenner '14
Ms. Marie E. Krchnak '12 Mr. Garet W. Weston '11
Ms. Melanie J. Lahr '14 Mr. Eric E. White '15
Mr. Andrew D. Lambert '11
       and Mrs. Stephanie R. ( Gaddess ) Lambert '95
Ms. Casey N. Wilcox '17
Mr. Thomas S. Launer '10
       and Mrs. Lindsay R. ( Champion ) Launer '14
Mr. Nathan J. Williams '18
Ms. Christina L. Laverty '11 Ms. Clara M. Windle '15
Ms. Jena E. Leddon '12 Mr. Jonathan C. Winkler '10
Mr. Isaac M. Leonard '11 Mr. Travis C. Woodburn '14
Mr. Leonard C. Lewan and Mrs. Diane R. ( Garofalo ) Lewan '17 Mr. Morgan A. Woodin '17
Mr. Daniel F. Lewis '10 and Mrs. Jessica Lewis, RN Mrs. Christine M. Wortmann '17
Mr. Matthew T. Liggett '18 Mrs. Rachelle A. Yarger-Sidorick '10
Mr. Dustin Lind and Ms. Sarah M. ( Muse ) Lind '11 Mr. Darren L. Young '15
Ms. Carla T. Lindenmuth '15 Ms. Sarah A. Zerfoss '16
Mr. Larry Lineman and Mrs. Hope E. Lineman '10 Ms. Amanda L. Ziegler '14
Mr. Matthew P. Lombardo '15
       and Mrs. Leeann M. ( Puglisi ) Lombardo '15
Ms. Gina F. Zingaro '19
Mr. Joseph D. Lopez '16  
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