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History is a traditional liberal arts major that teaches students broad content knowledge as well as reading, thinking and writing skills. At a philosophical level, such skills are useful in a variety of occupations. At a practical level, we also encourage history majors to seek out experiences in areas of perspective interests and so suggest that students seek extra or co-curricular activities in various groups on campus, as well as applied experiences such as writing for the student paper or working as a Community Assistant. We also encourage history majors to participate in intensive summer experiences such as internships, study abroad experiences or camps.

While many of our Secondary Education social studies majors have obtained teaching positions, our history majors have proceeded in a variety of directions. Some of our majors do go onto graduate study in history, but many choose other more applied fields. So, over the last 25 years, graduates of our program have gone on to graduate study in library science, journalism, theology, museum and archival administration, and law school (in fact, history is one of the most common undergraduate majors for students entering law school).

Our graduates have thus found careers as teachers, librarians, professors, journalists, ministers, archivists, museum administrators, and lawyers. Others have entered the world of business directly, while others have entered the military.

Some Recent Alumni have pursued graduate school at:

  • M.B.A. program at Clarion University
  • M.S. in student affairs in higher education at IUP
  • M.S. in library science at Clarion University
  • M.A. in history at DePaul University
  • Master's program in journalism at the University of Missouri
  • M.A. in applied history at Shippensburg University
  • M.A. in public history at Duquesne University
  • Ph.D. program in history at University of Notre Dame
  • Syracuse University School of Law
Ph.D. program in History at University of Notre Dame
Last Updated 1/7/22