Equity Scorecard

The Equity ScorecardTM is both a process and a data tool. As a process, it combines a theoretical framework with practical strategies to initiate institutional change that will lead to equitable outcomes for students of color.   The process helps to move an institution from a deficit-minded approach about students to an equity-minded approach: one that asks us to examine OUR practices, policies, and attitudes to create an equitable experience for all.  As a tool, a Campus evidence team investigates quantitative and qualitative data and practices and policies to uncover barriers to access, as well as those hindering students from earning their degrees. 

The Equity ScorecardTM Project is a two-year Clarion University study to identify areas where equity gaps exist to yield strategic recommendations to close those gaps. 

The Equity ScorecardTM Project Team targeted its focus on three specific areas: Access, Retention/ Completion, and Excellence.  Clarion University data regarding Access were compiled and analyzed by the Project Team.  The results and recommendations regarding Access from the Project Team’s analysis are found below.

Retention and Completion Report

Access Recommendations


Dr. Richard Lane, Professor of English

Dr. Susan Turell, Associate Provost


Dr. Carey Childers, Professor of Mathematics

Mr. Rogers Laugand, III, Minority Student Services

Ms. Rose Logue, Director of Administrative Services

Dr. Cahndice Matthews, Assistant Professor of Education

Mr. Jimmy McGee, Director of the Center for Wellness

Dr. Miguel Olivas-Lujan, Professor of Administrative Science

Last Updated 3/4/20