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Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment

The GLOBE Program is an international hands-on, school-based education,  environmental science and technology  program that brings together students, teachers and scientists to:

  • Increase scientific understanding of the Earth;
  • Support improved student achievement in science, technology and math;
  • Enhance environmental awareness of individuals worldwide.

GLOBE students measure and report physical, chemical and biological properties of Atmosphere and Climate, Hydrology, Soil, Land Cover/Biology and Phenology.

The North Central Region Math/Science Education Collaborative is a U.S. Partner with GLOBE.  As a U.S. Partner the Collaborative offers professional development to teachers in the five domains of the GLOBE Program and in the newly established Elementary GLOBE Program for students in grades K–4.

Elementary GLOBE integrates literacy and science using five science-based storybooks and classroom learning activities that address Earth system science and related subjects including weather, water, seasons, and soils. Elementary GLOBE:

  • Provides science content for K-4 students while introducing Earth as a System.
  • Connects literacy, math, and art skills with science content and the scientific process.
  • Introduces ways to conduct science investigations with elementary students.
  • Provides a feasible way to implement science in the classroom.
  • Aligns with the national science standards.

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Last Updated 3/4/20