Course Submission Procedures & Forms

Submitting Courses for General Education Categories or Flags

Faculty are encouraged to submit their courses for inclusion in the General Education Program. This page provides directions to assist in that process. The process has the following stages.

  1. The department offering the course obtains the appropriate forms from this website and submits the completed forms to the CCPS.
  2. CCPS reviews the submission and coordinates with the submitting department.
  3. CCPS sends its recommendation to the Faculty Senate.
  4. The Faculty Senate notifies the Registrar of a positive action.
  5. The Registrar prepares the fall/spring schedule to indicate the course falls under a particular category and/or carries a particular flag.

To make sure a course is recorded in the official database of General Education courses for a particular semester, a department should begin the process early in the preceding semester.

Each course in the General Education Program meets the requirements of the General Education Program and is submitted by a department for inclusion.

Course Submission Form for Inclusion as a General Education Course

Courses in the university may also carry flags to indicate that they meet special requirements, such as being writing intensive(W), focused on personal values (V), including significant discussion of professional and personal values (S), and focused on quantitative reasoning (Q).

Course Submission Form for Flags

Call for Online Course Flag Document

Last Updated 3/4/20