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Description and Download Information:

Share and Retrieve Files on the Clarion Network ("Jupiter" space)

Note: The files on this page are secure downloads. Please follow these instructions to login.

Installation Information:

To use FileZilla to access the Jupiter server

1. Enter the following information in the "Host" field: s
2. Enter your Username which is your iClarion username (i.e. s_username):
3. Entery your Password which is your iClarion password
4. Leave the Port blank
5. Now, click the "Quickconnect" button


6. When the following message window appears make sure to check the box that says "Always trust this host, and this key to the cache" then click "OK" button. 


Note: Your Jupiter files and folders appear on the right side (also called the Remote Site) and your local computer (the one your using right now) is on the left (also called the Local Site).

7. To copy files between the two locations (your local computer and your "Jupiter" data storage location) you simply navigate to the appropriate folders and drag and drop the files in the proper destination folder. (Right window to left window or left windows to right window)

Last Updated 8/20/20