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Campus Wireless

The wireless network at PennWest Clarion provides access to the Clarion network resources and the Internet for all faculty, staff, students and sponsored guests.

Wireless service is available in all residence, academic, and student life buildings on campus. Most administrative buildings also have wireless service available. See below for full list of locations.

Wireless Setup Guides

Guest Wireless

Non-Supported Devices

Connect a University-Owned Laptop


 Wireless Setup Guides

After your PennWest Clarion issued username and password has been reset or changed, your device will need the updated credentials in order to reconnect to the wireless network. Windows, OSX, and Apple iOS devices will automatically prompt for updated credentials. Android devices may need to be manually updated. To do this, go to Settings -> WiFi -> [network name] -> Edit and update the username and/or password fields.

Note: It may also be necessary to update your credentials within other applications (i.e. Email, VPN, etc.). Please consult manufacturer documentation specific to your device for further instructions.


Non-Supported Devices

These wireless devices are not supported on PennWest Clarion's wireless network.  This list is not exhaustive.  If you are unsure whether your device is compatible with Clarion's network, contact the Computing Services Help Desk.

  • Amazon Kindle eReader
  • Amazon Kindle Fire (1st generation)
  • Android OS devices 2.3.3 or older
  • Barnes & Noble Nook, 1st edition
  • Google Chromecast
  • Google Home (Mini)
  • Microsoft Zune HD
  • Nintendo Wii


Connecting a University Owned Laptop

If you have a university-owned Windows laptop computer, locate the CSID label on your computer and contact the Computing Services Help Desk (x2640 or to submit a request to have it connected to the wireless network.

If you have a university-owned non-Windows device or computer, please follow the instructions for your device in the Wireless Setup Guide.


Wireless service is available in the following locations:

Clarion Campus

  • Becker Hall
  • Brook Trout Trace (Reinhard)
  • Carlson Library
  • Carlson Library Front Lawn
  • Carrier Hall (limited coverage)
  • Davis Hall
  • Eagle Commons (1st floor only)
  • Firefly Meadow Farm (Reinhard)
  • Founders Hall
  • Foundry (Sculpture Studio)
  • Gemmell Student Center
  • Grunenwald Center for Science and Technology
  • Hart Chapel
  • Harvey Hall
  • Hemlock Knoll (Reinhard)
  • Keeling Hall
  • McEntire (limited coverage)
  • Marwick-Boyd Fine Arts Center
  • Ralston Hall (limited coverage)
  • Rec Center
  • Seifert-Mooney Center
  • Stevens Hall / Special Education
  • Still Hall
  • University Police
  • Tippin Gymnasium

Venango Campus

  • Frame Hall
  • Montgomery Hall
  • Rhoades Hall
  • Suhr Library

Residence Halls

  • Campus View Suites
  • Valley View Suites
  • Suites on Main
Last Updated 8/21/23