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Student Loaner Laptop Request

Clarion University Student Laptop Loan Request Fall 2020


** Note:  Beyond requesting a loaner laptop, you may be able to use financial aid to purchase one directly.  Please note the following information from the Financial Aid office:

 Federal Regulations give the Office of Student Financial Services the ability to adjust a student’s Cost of Attendance (COA), on a case-by-case basis, for the purchase of a computer for educational use. The maximum COA increase for the purchase of a computer is $1000, which may include the cost of a printer and other peripheral devices. However, it includes only the cost of one computer.

 By increasing your COA, you may become eligible for additional loan money in the form of federal loans (Direct unsubsidized, Parent PLUS and/or Graduate PLUS) or private student education loans. Direct Parent PLUS, Graduate PLUS, and private student or private parent loans require a separate application process.

 NOTE: Submitting this one-time computer expense request will NOT make you eligible for additional grant funds.

 To request an increase in  your cost of attendance email with Computer COA Increase in the subject line.  Please see the Financial Aid Office for additional information.

** Fall 2020 Request Form Notes

 For students in the Clarion and Oil City areas, the university libraries will remain open to provide wireless network access and access to library computers.  For students that are not in the Clarion or Oil City areas, a limited number of loaner laptops are available for the fall semester.  Please complete the request below to request a loaner laptop.  The request will be reviewed and you will be contacted via your Eagle Mail e-mail address to review next steps and the borrowing agreement (which includes an agreement for financial responsibility for the laptop if the unit is not returned at the end of the semester).




Last Updated 8/13/20