University Technology Advisory Committee


Background information

The University Technology Advisory Committee (UTAC) was formed in December, 2003, to serve as a forum for the exchange of ideas concerning evolving and new technologies and act as a conduit between information technology providers and the end user community. UTAC is charged with providing guidance regarding the allocation of resources related to the enhancement and support of computing and other technologies, facilitating the review and update of the Strategic Information Technology Plan (SITP), and making recommendations as to the prioritization of SITP goals. Current members of the UTAC are as follows:

Meeting Schedule

  • 17-FEB_2020, 2PM

Membership 2019-20

Vice President of Student Affairs (or designee)
  • Shawn Hoke
Vice President of Finance and Administration (or designee)
  • Rein Pold
Associate Vice President for Graduate and Extended Programs
  • Lynne Fleisher
Director Clarion University - Venango  (or designee)
  • Hope Lineman
Academic Deans
  • Deb Sobina
Dean of Libraries
  • Terry Latour
Liaison to the Faculty Senate Technology Subcommittee
  • Karl Sprenger
Liaison to the Student Senate
  • Jacob Hollamby 
Faculty Members Designated by Faculty Senate (one from each of the (3) colleges)
  • Deborah Kelly (Health and Human Services)
  • Janice Krueger (Business Administration & Information Sciences)
  • Annette Rosati (Arts, Education, & Sciences)
Associate Vice President for Computing Services (non-voting)
  • Sam Puleio (Co-Chair)
Technical Staff (non-voting)
  • Steve Selker (Associate Director, Computing Services)
  • Mike Phillips (Manager, Technology Infrastructure)

General committee information

  • Committee Co-Chairs:  Janice Krueger, Sam Puleio
Last Updated 3/4/20