Tuition Management Systems (TMS) Monthly Payment Plan

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Students may choose to use an interest-free payment plan managed by Tuition Management Systems (TMS). The payment plan makes paying your student account more manageable as it allows you to divide costs not covered by financial aid into smaller monthly payments, due by the 10th of every month.  A parent or student may choose to set up a 5-month plan for one semester or a 12-month (begins in June) or 10-month (begins in August) plan for the entire year.  Since we do not typically know what tuition and fees will be until the middle of July, you will need to use an estimated amount to set up the 12-month payment plan.  Once you know what the costs will be for the upcoming year, you can call TMS to adjust your budget.  Please remember that we invoice for each semester.  The fall invoice is typically available in July, and the spring invoice is typically available in December.  Therefore, the first invoice you receive for the term will only reflect the charges for the classes in which a student is currently enrolled.

Please note:  TMS does not have access to student accounts; parents/students are responsible for arranging the proper amount to be paid through the payment plan.  If you have not budgeted enough with the payment plan or paid by the 10th of the month, students can still receive late fees and/or registration holds from the university.  If your account has been paid in full and you still have a remaining budget with TMS, it is your responsibility to cancel your plan with TMS to avoid any late fees or registration holds.  Please refer to your MyClarion Student Center account to review your balance and view your invoice.  

Additional information regarding the payment plan is available at or by calling 800 356 8329. 

Calculate your monthly payment by using the TMS Monthly Payment Planner.

Last Updated 6/12/18