Student Tuition Deferment Agreement for Employer Reimbursement Programs

 Is your employer paying for a part or all of your education?  The Student Tuition Deferment Plan was developed by the university to financially assist students with their educational goals.  The purpose of the plan is to enable students to defer 70% of their tuition charges until 30 days after the conclusion of the semester.  Students must complete and submit the Student Tuition Deferment Agreement, enroll in the employer deferment plan with TMS, and pay the enrollment fee to TMS BEFORE the first day of classes for the academic semester.  If these requirements are not met by the first day of the academic semester, the student must find alternative means to paying the semester's charges.  The remaining 30% will be paid by utilizing the Tuition Management Systems payment plan, specifically created for employer reimbursement programs.  Please refer to your TMS account for the due date of the 30% portion.  Failure to pay the 30% by the due date on your TMS account will result in being dropped from the program, thus subjecting the account to university holds and late fees.


Please note:  Clarion University does not offer a Summer Employer Reimbursement plan. Students may enroll in the regular summer 5-month payment plan with TMS. You do not need to submit the above form for the summer term.

Last Updated 6/12/18