Payment Options

Billing and payment methods

Clarion University provides electronic billing to all students via the MyClarion online student information system. Students are notified by their MyClarion email when an invoice has been posted to their account.

Instructions for viewing and printing invoices can be found on the student MyClarion documentation page.  The university does not mail invoices to enrolled students. Students should print and provide invoices to other parties as needed from their MyClarion account.

Initial fall and spring semester invoices are provided to students approximately 30 days prior to the start of the semester. Initial Winter Intersession and Summer session 1, 2 and 3 invoices are provided to students about 10 days before these sessions. The university sends postcard notification of initial semester or session billing to the student's home address.

Payment Options

Clarion University has the following payment options available for paying tuition, fees, room, meal plan and other charges online:

E-check – Pay online with a check.  Fill out the online form just like you were writing a check.  There are no added fees for this payment method.

Debit Card – Pay online with a debit card.  For your convenience, debit card payments are available for students and parent/guests via a third party payment service. There are no added fees for this payment method.

Credit Card – Pay online with a credit card.  For your convenience, credit card payments are available for students and parent/guests via a third party payment service.  A service charge will apply to all credit card payments.

Student Online Payments – You have access to these payment options via your MyClarion Student Center.  Click "Make an Online Payment" in the Finances section to transfer to the Clarion University Online payment processor for these payment options.

Parent/Guest Online Payments – Parents and guests must first be authorized by students to use these new online payment options.  Students must complete an authorization to use these payment options by going to the MyClarion Student Documentation webpage and completing the steps provided by the "Authorize Parent or Guest to Make a Payment to your Account" page.

Student Financial Services Office Payments – Check, cash and debit card payments are still accepted in the Student Financial Services Office in B-16 Carrier Hall.  Note:  The SFS office is no longer able to accept credit card payments at the counter or by telephone.  All credit card payments must be made online through the university's third-party payment service.

Monthly Payment Plan – This option is offered to Clarion University students. Please refer to the billing information sent with each semester's initial billing for payment plan information.

Last Updated 9/15/14