New Student Convocation

New Student Convocation

Friday, August 25, 2017  - 2:00 p.m. - Marwick Boyd Auditorium

What does Convocation mean for new students to Clarion University?

By definition, it means:
- an assembly of persons
- an assembly of members of the college community who come together for any or all of the following purposes:
(1) to celebrate new students' entry into higher education,
(2) to officially welcome new students to the college,
(3) to formally induct new students into the college,
(4) to build a sense of group identity or community among members of the entering class,
(5) to articulate the institution's mission and expectations to new students.
(6) to visualize and combine with commencement to provide meaningful and complementary "bookends" to the college experience, with both programs serving as celebrative rites of passage that represent commencement—a new start or beginning.
....most appropriately, Convocation is the collective noun for EAGLES!

(Adapted from Joe Cuseo)
Program for New Student Convocation 2017
Introduction  Dr. Susanne Fenske -Vice President for Student Affairs
Academic Symbolism Edward Green, Clarion University Student Trustee

Led by Dr. Ray Feroz - Honorary Mace Bearer, Chair of the Department of Human Services, Rehabilitation, Health and Sport Sciences

Welcome Dr. Todd Pfannestiel - Interim Provost & Academic Vice President
Student Remarks Katie Welsh - Student Senate President
Faculty Remarks

 Dr. Paul Klenowski - Assistant Professor, Director of Criminal Justice Program 

Student Commitment Statement

Administered by: Dr. Todd Pfannestiel - Interim Provost & Academic Vice President
Led by: Cevion Evans, First Year Student, Communication Major from Philadelphia, PA

"A Clarion Film"

A retrospective of university history and traditions blended with current representation of the student body, administration, faculty, and staff. Recapping N.O.W. events and scenes of the first week as Golden Eagles. 

Clarion Alma Mater Choir led by Dr. Stephen Johnson 


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