Current students within housing will be able to select their assignment for the 2017-2018 academic year. 

Open Selection is currently available.  Spaces in the Suites on Main , Campus View, Reinhard Villages and the Living learning Communities are available. Log into the Room Selection application below to view vacancies and to select your room.  Please contact Residence Life at or call 814-393-2352 if you need assistance or have any questions. 

 2017-2018 Housing Rates

 Click here to log into the Housing AppLication

 *Please Note:  The housing contract is a binding legal contract and you will not be released from your contract unless you are no longer attending Clarion University.  

 Students selecting housing for the 2017-2018 school year should be aware that you CANNOT FORCE other students out of an apartment/room that they have selected to live in. Bullying and/or harassment to force another student out of a room that they have selected should be reported to the Office of Judicial and Mediation Services. If it is found that you have bullied and/or harassed another student to move out of a room, then you will be removed from that room and will be required to select another room/apartment on-campus.  This behavior is also subject to student conduct action under the Student Code of Conduct. Bullying and/or harassment can be reported to the Office of Judicial and Mediation Services by calling 814-393-1918 or emailing Tyler Kitzmiller at

 EarlIER Stages of Room Selection

Phases of Room Selection will be as follows.  Once you make a selection in a phase, you will be done with Room Selection and will not be able to change your room.  Sign up early and get the $200 housing application fee waived! Remember there is sophomore residency requirement!

  • Retention:  November 21 at 12pm - November 30.  Students eligible for retaining their rooms will be able to do so.  
  • Displaced Selection:  December 1 - December 6. Students who are unable to retain their rooms due to their current building becoming Freshmen Housing or a Living Learning Community, will have priority to select next year's assignment during this time.  
  • Open Selection:  December 7 at 9am - February 1, 2017. Any student who has not already selected a room can do so at this time and Living Learning Communities may be selected as well.


Fall 2017 Freshmen Housing

Beginning in Fall 2017, Clarion University will have Freshmen designated housing in the Suites on Main South, Suites on Main North (2nd floor), Valley View, and Hemlock Knoll at Reinhard Villages.  We will intentionally program to the Freshmen living in these areas to assist with their transition to college needs. Likewise we will then be able to address the concerns and direct needs of upper-class students who collectively live in the other areas within campus housing.

Click here to access the Housing application

 Directions for students completing the Freshmen Housing Application

Living Learning Communities (LLC)

Living Learning Communities provide an opportunity for students to live together with common interests and provide a platform on developing lasting friendships.  New to Clarion in the Fall 2017, will be the following  LLCs:

  • Live Active - a wellness adventure community for upperclass and freshmen students at Hemlock Knoll in Reinhard Villages.
  • Clarion C.A.R.E.S. - a leadership community for upperclassmen in Campus View.
  • Honors - freshmen Honors students may reside together in a community in Suites on Main North.
  • Discover U - a community in Suites on Main South for exploratory freshmen in any major, or un-declared, that will provide an opportunity to access your skills and values at Clarion University.

For more information, please click here.  

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