Privacy Practices

Guide to your first year




All services provided by the Center for Wellness are strictly confidential.

The Center for Wellness cannot release information to anyone without the written consent of the person to whom the information pertains. Students are encouraged to involve persons whom they perceive as supportive in their treatment and care, however, this is an individual decision.  Information will not be released to the parents, guardians, spouse, friends, etc., of a student without written authorization by the student.  A medical release of information form is available in the Center for Wellness.

Guide to your first year

Physical Exam

Students are not required to have a physical examination prior to enrollment to Clarion University.

Health Assessment Form

Students must complete a Health Assessment Form to be eligible for services. These forms should be returned to Health Services by August 1 of your first year.

Class Excuse

Class excuses are written at the sole discretion of the Center for Wellness staff. In order for an excuse to be written for a student, the student must have been seen, or have an appointment to be seen, at the Center for Wellness. It is at the discretion of each individual professor to excuse the student from class.

Last Updated 1/11/18