Weekly Activities and Events


Join us at 8 p.m. every Thursday night in the Gemmell Student Complex for UAB Night! The schedule of events is as follows:

1/25       Open Mic

2/1         Craft Series: Mason Jar Mania

2/8         BINGO

2/15       Craft Series: Beads and Buttons

2/22       Open Mic

3/1         Craft Series: Piggy Banks

3/8         BINGO

3/22       Craft Series: Terracotta Pots

3/29       Open Mic

4/5         The Drag Show, Sponsored by ALLIES

4/12       Craft Series: Terrarium Garden

4/19       BINGO

4/26       Craft Series: Bird Houses

5/3         Blow Out BINGO


EFSN  (Friday and Saturday)

Clarion University strives to make a better social environment for their campus community. It was brought to the attention of both the students and faculty at Clarion University that more programming needed to be put into place on weekends throughout the academic year. To accommodate this goal, the Every Friday & Saturday Night program was created. EFSN seeks to offer fun and exciting programs and events for Clarion University students in the Gemmell Student Complex every Friday and Saturday night at 8 p.m.


FR 26th      "K"rimson Warrior, Sponsored by KKI
SA 27th      Coffee House


FR 2nd       UAB/CSA Movie Night (Starts at 7:00 at the Theater On Main)
                   Toy Story 1, 2 and 3.
SA 3rd        Spa Night

FR 9th        Game Show: 150th Sexual Feud, Sponsored by IHC
SA 10th      Silent Dance Party, co-sponsored by ALLIES, KKI and UAB

FR 16th      BHM Showcase (Changed from Hart Chapel to Gemmell Food Court)
SA 17th      Music: Ryan Quinn from The Voice

FR 23rd      WINGO, Sponsored by Student Senate
SA 24th      CraftFest


FR 2nd      150th Street Kings (Rec Center) (Doors open at 6:00, program starts at 7:00)
SA 3rd       Midterm Puppies

FR 23rd      Battle of the Bands
SA 24th      Battle of the Bands

FR 30th      Laser Tag
SA 31st      Animal Show


FR 6th       UNO Tournament, Sponsored by KKI
SA 7th       Fashion Show

FR 13th      Escape Rooms
SA 14th      Stunt Magician: Wes Barker

FR 20th      Cultural Night, Sponsored by International Programs (Starts at 7:00)
SA 21st      CAMPUSFEST (Football Stadium)

FR 27th      Lil SIBs Weekend
SA 28th      Lil SIBs with, Live Band Karaoke!


FR 4th      Lip Sync Contest, Sponsored by BSU (Chillin and Grillin Weekend)
SA 5th      Chillin and Grillin Weekend, with the Our City Concert


The fall also features 10 p.m. movies every Friday and Saturday night at the University Theater, Suites on Main North. Movies and dates they will appear can be found at www.clarion.edu/CSA .





Last Updated 6/12/18