Leadership Challenge

Take the Leadership Challenge and meet new people, or have a challenge custom designed for your group.

Are you looking for a fun way to connect your interests and skills with campus groups and activities? Do you want to get some training in leadership, but not a full semester commitment? This program is perfect for you!

The program is a two part workshop and a wrap party, all based on the practices in the book The Student Leadership Challenge by Kouzes & Pozner. The first part of the workshop covers Modeling the Way and Inspiring a Shared Vision, and the second workshop focuses on Challenging the Process and Enabling Others to Act. There are workshops open to all members of campus, and we can also customize them for your organization, residence hall, or other group.

The wrap party, held in late March each year, is a celebration of the accomplishments of all of our participants and facilitators. Everyone who has completed the workshops is invited to attend. It is the embodiment of the final practice, "Encourage the Heart". It's also tons of fun and full of prizes! There are short assessment forms online in CU Connect after each workshop. They must be completed in order to receive your invitation to the wrap party.

If you would like to be a facilitator for the Leadership Challenge, we are always looking for dynamic students who want to develop programming and presentation skills for their leadership resumé. Are you the type of person who likes to lead activities and help others grow? If your answer is yes, this role could be a good fit for you. Send an email to the address below to get start your training with the program.

Watch for the leadership challenge schedule on cu connect, through campus advertising, and in your email.

Contact Information

Kelly Ryan

Assistant Director

814 393 1688


Last Updated 6/12/18