Inter Greek Council:

The Inter Greek Council (IGC) is the governing body for all of the organizations housed under the department of Fraternity & Sorority Affairs. This group’s mission is to ensure that all of the Greek organizations are functioning in accordance with the respective national organizations values. The Inter Greek Council bridges the gap between not only the fraternity and sorority groups, but also partners with various departments on campus. Inter Greek Council is made up of men and women from all of the organizations on campus. The council currently has eight executive officers and two delegates each from the IFC and Panhellenic councils. 

Current Inter Greek Council Officers are:


Imarii Anderson

VP of Greek Programming

 Maura Huggins

VP of Marketing & Public Relations

Nathan Williams

 VP of Campus Relations

Jalia Foster

 VP of Community Service/Outreach

Monica Humes 


Justin Beck


Franklin Markle

Conduct Officer/Bacchus Representative

Kurtis Hargenrader 

Order of Omega:

Omega is the official honor society for Greek men and women who attain the highest level of academic achievement at their home institutions. The Order of Omega at Clarion University was re-chartered Fall 2016 (Xi Lambda Chapter). The Order of Omega programs with the intention to help both Greeks and non-Greeks find ways to enhance study habits and promote critical thinking/problem solving.

Current Order of Omega Officers are: 


Cameron Kockler 

Vice President

Seth Updegraff


Julia Kocher 


Julia Kocher 

 Interfraternity Council:

The Interfraternity Council (IFC) is the governing body of Clarion University’s social fraternities. The delegates to the council, two from each fraternity, and the Executive Board meet weekly to discuss policies, programs, current events, and plans for the fraternities and council. IFC sponsors and co-sponsors many events. The purpose of the IFC is to ensure that fraternity men are being represented the best way possible on campus and that the members of each organization are upholding their national values. 

Current Interfraternity Council Officers are:


 Blake Walters

VP of Committees

 Anthony Harper

VP of Recruitment

Michael Rodgers

VP of Judicial Affairs

Kurtis Hargenrader

 Scholarship Chair

Ian Shrenski  


Austin Lare 


Franklin Markle


Current Recognized Fraternities

Interfraternity Council


Theta Chi


Kappa Delta Rho

sigma chi

Sigma Chi


phi delta theta

Phi Delta Theta

sigma chi

Sigma Phi Epsilon


phi delta theta

Omega Psi Phi


Panhellenic Council:

The Panhellenic Council (PHC) is the governing body of Clarion University's eight social sororities. The delegates to the council, two from each sorority, and the Executive Board of five officers, meet weekly to discuss policies, programs, current events, and plans for the sororities, as well as the Greek community as a whole. The Panhellenic Council sponsors and co-sponsors many events ranging from partially-structured recruitment in the spring geared toward freshmen and transfer women to educational speakers, and service opportunities.

Current Panhellenic Council Officers are:


Kenzie Reck

Vice President of Committees

Rachel Donovan

Vice President of PR and Recruitment

Julia Kocher 

Assistant Vice President of Recruitment

Maggie Brown


Kali Wesolowski  


 Lizzie Williams 


Governing Council

Panhellenic Council

Current Recognized Sororities

delta phi epsilon

Delta Phi Epsilon

phi sigma sigma

Phi Sigma Sigma  

delta zeta

Delta Zeta

sigma sigma sigma

Sigma Sigma Sigma 

zeta tau alpha

Zeta Tau Alpha

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