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Budget Guidelines Packet

RSO Funding Policy

RUO Policy

The Clarion Call newspaper, Clarion International Programs (CINTA), Club Sports, Debate Team, Fraternity & Sorority Affairs, Interhall Council, Inter-collegiate Athletics,  Leadership Programs, Minority Student Services, Music, Student Senate, University Activities Board (UAB),  University Theater, and Venango College Student Activities.

Travel Policy

Purchase Orders

Payment Request Form

All requests for payment from CSA accounts must be accompanied by a Payment Request (PR) form.
The payment request form should include the following:

  • Organization Name
  • Organization Account Number
  • A description of the expenditure or request for withdraw of funds
  • Reason for the purchase: ie programming event, reimbursement, travel, etc
  • The proper justification: ie receipts, invoice, fully executed contract, travel rosters, etc.
  • The person(s) or company the check should be made payable to.
  • Signatures of the advisor and the treasurer or president of the organization.
  • Additional instructions regarding check mailing or pickup.
  • Requests for more than one vendor can be included on one request so long as each vendor is listed individually and justification for all vendors is attached.

Supplemental Request Form

The Supplemental Request form (click here) is used to request funding for a particular project, event, or equipment purchase.  The request is in addition to any allocations a Recognized Student Organization (RSO) or Recognized University Organization (RUO) may have received during the budgeting process.  Forms are submitted to the Student Senate Treasurer for review by the Student Senate Appropriations Committee (in the case of RSO requests) or the CSA Board (in the case of RUO requests).  If the items are considered Capital Fund or Large Item Capital Items (please refer to the Capital Fund Policy for clarification) then details of the item must be submitted, along with vendor quotes, and the life expectancy of the item.  Organizations are required to send a representative to the student senate meetings for RSO requests, or the CSA board meetings for RUO requests to provide additional information and answer any additional questions.  For read-only Supplemental Request Guidelines click here.


Last Updated 1/11/18