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“There would not be a Clarion Research Group and our VeinStay device would still be an idea on a shelf without the involvement of the SBDC. ” - Dr. James Rutkowski, DMD

Since 1983 Dr. James Rutkowski has maintained a private dental practice in Clarion. He strives to be progressive by researching solutions to frequent issues he faces and by implementing the latest advances in dentistry. He is a featured speaker at numerous dental conferences throughout the United States, where he has made presentations on what topics?

Dr. Rutkowski and two Clarion University professors, Dr. Doug Smith and Larry Bering, formed Clarion Research Group (CRG) in March 2007 to research and launch several new products with a particular focus on a pharmacological “cocktail” that would accelerate bone development for use in implant dentistry and eventually orthopedic implants and a device that would increase the success of venipunctures. It will reduce the apprehension for both practitioners and patients when drawing blood or starting IVs. Using his dental lab, Dr. Rutkowski designed a device called the VeinStay that holds the vein in place during venipuncture, and he has successfully used it in his practice the last five years. The devise has resulted in a 98 percent success rate in achieving first-attempt venipunctures.

The Clarion University Small Business Development Center assisted Dr. Rutkowski with the development of his business and marketing plan for the VeinStay product. This plan was used to apply for Ben Franklin’s Business Plan Contest that provides seed money to technology-based start—ups. Dr. Rutkowski won the contest and was awarded $25,000 (see photo to left). Dr Rutkowski also used Bucknell University Small Business Development Center’s Engineering Development Services for design work and prototypes of the VeinStay. In June of 2008 he was awarded a Keystone Innovation Zone Micro Grant for $10,000 that will be used to commercialize the VeinStay. CRG will own the license to manufacture, market, and distribute the VeinStay.

CRG’s on-going product research and development costs will be funded by the commercial success of the VeinStay. CRG is committed to delivering a stream of innovative products that will improve people’s lives and grow the local community. Currently the company’s intellectual property position is growing. CRG holds provisional patents on two drug-products that show promising results in treating recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs) and the bone growth compounds.


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A long-term goal of CRG is to construct a facility to be used for CRG’s continual research and development of pharmaceutical products and for research alliances with pharmaceutical companies. CRG will strive to evolve into a premier biotech company that will revolutionize the medical field through innovative therapies and products.

Dr. James Rutkowski, DMD

Clarion Research Group, Inc.

35 South Second Avenue

Clarion, Pennsylvania Clarion County

Industry: Healthcare

Year Founded: March 2007

SBDC Assistance: business plan, engineering design, prototype, marketing

Additional Partners: Ben Franklin, Plastics Technology Center, Industrial Resource Center, Ben Franklin Transformation

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