Traesha Danyiel Pritchard

Communications major with a concentration in Broadcasting

Traesha Danyiel Pritchard Portrait

Clarion has helped in many ways to prepare me to be the strong, motivated and independent person I'm striving to become. I would say being involved in various student organizations has made motivated to stick to my plan of becoming a Sports Anchor. On campus I serve as the Black Student Union President, a Cheerleading Captain, Acquisitions Director for Eagle Media, Sports Anchor AND Writer.

Getting involved early on campus helped me learn who I am. I learned that I am a leader and an inspiration to my fellow students. Being involved helped me work and talk to people I never thought I would become friends with in school. With being involved so much on campus, I learned how to manage time and master it. Students come to school with the idea that it's just school, school, school; when in reality it's not. Without some form of involvement or experience in what you're going to school for, I believe students rob their college experience. Yes getting a few 4.0's has made school great for me, but without being a part of numerous groups and organizations I don't think I would be the Courageous or Confident Clarion student I am today.

Last Updated 4/9/18