Prince Matthews

Political Science

Prince Matthews Portrait

During my senior year in high school, I really didn’t have one specific major that I wanted to major in because I loved every subject and every class that I’ve took. One thing I knew for certain was that I wanted to become a world-leader of some sort. So I decided to ask some of my classmates, “What would you like to see me become that people who don’t know me wouldn’t think I would be able to become?” Two of my friends then replied, “Become a dictator!” I then laughed and said, “I am not evil enough to become a dictator, but what I will do for you guys is run for President of the United States. I may be too honest to win, but I will at least promise to run. Deal?” They agreed, and at that moment, that’s what I decided to work towards for the rest of my life.

When I began college at another university, I was a Psychology major who was very involved in student government and state politics. I decided that in order for me to keep my promise, I would have to transfer to somewhere that would not only embrace my endeavors, but would also provide the necessary support that I would need to achieve them. I needed to transfer to a place with an accredited Political Science program; this place was Clarion University. Unfortunately for me, I transferred the same day the semester started so I had to take the left-over classes that were available. My psych advisor told me, “You have a terrible schedule.” However, when I looked at it, I saw a course that I always wanted to take, PS 210 (Introduction to Political Science) with the one and only, Dr. Thomas Rourke.

I had some experience with politics, but never had any practical experience pertaining to political science, so everything was new to me. Upon completing Dr. Rourke’s class, I fell in love with Political Science and decided that this was the major for me. Now, I am a super-senior whose completed 5 internships, various academic seminars, a leading candidate for a White House internship for the Spring of 2015, and completed just about every Political Science class and program that Clarion University had to offer. First and foremost, thanks Dr. Rourke, thanks Dr. Sweet, and thanks Dr. Yenerall! You guys made the difference, and are simply...awesome!

Last Updated 4/9/18