Nicholas Essock

Speech Pathology Major

Nicholas Essock Portrait

Attending college is a big step for most people, and choosing the right college can make or break this valuable experience. When I was looking at universities as a prospective student, I wanted a school that offered a great academic program for my major, organizations to be a part of and a promising career after my time spent there. I chose Clarion because they offered all of these things and everyone was so friendly and outgoing when I came to visit. The students and staff that I met all gave a warm welcoming and I could tell that they truly loved being a part of the university.

Now that I am a senior this year, I can say that Clarion has shaped me into the person that I strived to become. This university has given me the opportunity to take on leadership positions, learn about a wide array of subjects, and even create my own organization. I have worked with many professors and students that have both challenged and inspired me to better myself. Those sound like qualities of a great university, right? At Clarion, you’re not just a number, you’re a name, and they offer the chance to be involved and make your college experience stand out.

Last Updated 12/15/15