Marishika Wright

Liberal Studies major with a concentration in Communications

Marishika Wright

Choosing a school that will impact your future is never easy. There are many things that help contribute to deciding what school is best for you. There are the finances, the campus atmosphere, and most importantly the education. Clarion has helped me out with all three and that is why I chose to attend here.

I come from a very small town right outside of Harrisburg, PA. I wanted to go to a school that was far away from home but was still in-state. I was a part of the R. Benjamin Wiley Harrisburg Partnership Program, which is a program for high school students designed to give opportunities to work with different university staff and faculty to help with academic skills needed for college. Throughout this program I visited about seven state schools, but only one really felt like home and that was Clarion University.

Clarion University was the only school who reached out to me after I completed the partnership program. The admissions staff, the peer counselors I had, and the director of the program made sure that I was comfortable in transitioning to the college lifestyle. They made me feel like I belonged here, and they accepted me as soon as I got here. The education I received from Clarion during the summer of my stay was excellent. The teachers knew my name and they were able and willing to help me if needed. They made sure that I would not fall behind. I remember as soon as I got home I told my mom, “Clarion might be the school for me.” We started looking at the tuition and knew it was within reach. I applied to the university and within four weeks I got my acceptance letter. I was so happy. Arriving here on campus for that fall was a little nerve-wracking. I didn’t really know anyone and I wasn’t sure if I would make friends or like any of my classes. After a few months of taking classes, joining organizations, and finding who I was, I knew this was the place for me.

Four years later looking back I realize that Clarion is the reason why I am the person I am today. I am more confident, much wiser, and ready to head into my career. I have been involved with many organizations, made many friends, and have taken part in undergraduate research. My resume has doubled from when I was in high school. I have met so many people and have made so many connections that I can take with me when I graduate. Clarion University has impacted my future but in a good way. I am proud to say that I will be the first person in my family to graduate college and I owe it all to Clarion University.

Last Updated 4/9/18