Carlie Leaman

Psychology Major

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I love having the opportunity to tell people about how the Clarion University Psychology department has affected me. I am currently a junior Psychology major at Clarion University with minors in Art and in Women and Gender Studies. When I was a freshman, I knew that Psychology was the right major for me. I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do or how I would get there. I really knew little to nothing about the Psychology department at Clarion. Clarion stole my heart the first time I visited the town and campus, and I knew this would be my new home for the next four years.

The first professor I met was Dr. Potter. He sat with my group at Gemmell and told us a little bit about the Psychology program. I wasn't sure how to take him, but I enjoyed his quirky sense of humor and his outfit! I knew that this department was not going to be quite what I expected, but I loved my first impression of it. I eventually had Dr. Potter for General Psychology the first semester of my freshman year. I loved the class so much that my heart and mind were all in!

The next Psychology professor I had was Dr. Slattery for Psychology of Personal Growth. I had this class with my roommate at the time and was a little more rambunctious than I typically would have been in class. Dr. Slattery always gave us time for class discussion and activities. She frequently spoke one-on-one with students which made me feel like I could be myself in her class. By the end of the semester, I was the new Supplemental Instructor for Psychology of Personal Growth, and I was able to tutor students taking her course the next semester. As I've grown closer with Dr. Slattery over the years, she has become a great friend, advisor and professor to me. I like to tell my friends that she is my mom at Clarion because I know I can come to her about anything regardless if it has to do with Psychology. She is also the professor who encouraged me to join Psi Chi, the International Honorary Society in Psychology, as she is the organization's advisor. Since joining Psi Chi, I have made some of the best friends I could have ever dreamed of. I really found my true-self. I am now the President of Psi Chi, along with Psychology Club. If it wasn't for Dr. Slattery encouraging me to become involved in the department, I probably would have always kept to myself and only come around Harvey for class.

Besides Dr. Potter and Dr. Slattery, I have had the privilege of having a class with almost every Psychology professor in the department these past three years. Every professor has helped me, in their own way, grow into the student and person I am today. They have all been there to support organizations, be a friend, mentor and look out for the overall well-being of every psychology student. I could not be more proud to call myself a Psychology major at Clarion University. Harvey has become my home away from home and I spend a majority of my time in that building, with the professors and students who I can call my family.

I would like to take a moment to also recognize another wonderful asset to the Psychology department, Diana Kunselman, the Psychology department secretary. Diana has been such a helping-hand and friend to me, the students and the professors of the psychology department. It is with great sadness that she will be leaving us at the end of this semester. Diana has been the rock that keeps us all going and I have so much enjoyed stopping by the office to talk with or vent to her. I will miss her (and her cooking!) very much.

In my opinion, the Psychology department at Clarion does not get as much recognition as it deserves. I want incoming students, who are looking into the program, to know they are walking into one of the best experiences of their lives. Clarion will become their home away from home. My advice is to become involved, get to know the students in your classes (because you will see them all the time!), hang out in Harvey and stop by the professors' offices because they love hearing about you, your life, your accomplishments and goals! I know I will never find a place like Harvey again in my life, but with the support I have received, I am preparing myself for my senior year at Clarion and plan to pursue my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology.

I could go on endlessly about the clarion Psychology department and the people who make it so wonderful.

I will leave you with this joke:
How many psychologists does it take to change a light bulb?
Answer: Depends if the light bulb wants to change! (originally heard from Dr. Potter)

Last Updated 4/9/18