Suzanne Boyden, Associate Professor


Suzanne Boyden

One of the most exciting parts of my job is watching my students mature over four years. They start as eager, nervous, high school graduates who aren’t sure how to learn or what they want from their education. As the years progress, I watch them grow--as writers, speakers, critical thinkers, and as globally aware citizens. It’s as though some internal switch gets flipped somewhere around the beginning of junior year, and students come into their own. A lot of that transformation occurs not because of any particular part of the curriculum, but because of their interactions with the amazing faculty at Clarion.

My own college experience was very different; the faculty were remote and inaccessible to undergraduates. The dialogue and collaboration I see between teachers and students at Clarion, in the classrooms and hallways, over coffee, or in our research labs, is truly unique. By belonging to such a tight knit community, students are challenged to excel, and to think and act independently, as intellectual colleagues. This prepares them not just for a job, but for life.

Last Updated 12/15/15