Secondary English and math ed programs gain national recognition

July 30, 2019

The Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation has notified Clarion University School of Education that its secondary English and math education programs have been nationally recognized, adding to those recognized earlier this academic year.

"This means that all of the eligible programs are now nationally recognized by their Specialized Professional Association," said Dr. Gwyneth Price, School of Education dean. "One hundred percent recognition is something we certainly can be proud of."

To earn CAEP accreditation, the School of Education must meet five major standards for every program that leads to certification. Accreditation ensures a commitment to maintaining a high level of rigor, to developing partnerships and practical experiences, and to continually improving the School.

"On top of that, to ensure that each program meets the standards related to the particular field, we apply for Specialized Professional Associations recognition," Price said. "Obtaining SPA recognition ensures that completers of the program have the 'knowledge, skills and dispositions' to be successful classroom teachers in that specific field."

To evaluate programs, SPAs examine data demonstrating content knowledge, ability to plan appropriate learning experiences, performance in the classroom/pedagogy, and impact on student learning. SPA reports are reviewed externally by content specialists and experts in that field.

Only 16 institutions in Pennsylvania have obtained CAEP accreditation,

Last Updated 7/30/19