Faculty and staff present research and papers

May 7, 2018

Faculty members who presented at the Faculty and Staff Scholarship Recognition reception stressed how much their research benefits their students by either making themselves better teachers or through the opportunities to include students in their research.

Dr. Todd Pfannestiel, interim provost, said the event was an opportunity "to celebrate an important and often understated aspect of Clarion University."

"What you have been able to do makes you a better teacher," Pfannestiel said.

Of the many faculty and staff who have contributed to research and scholarship throughout the year, five spoke on their research and scholarly pursuits including: Dr. Gustavo Barboza, Dr. Vasudeva Rao Aravind, Dr. Chunfei Li, Dr. Sandra Trejos and Mark Lepore.

Barboza spoke of his work with student financial literacy, but mostly spent his time praising the university for its quality computers and equipment and the opportunity to attend conferences.

"I strongly believe it (research) makes me a better teacher," Barboza said.

Aravind discussed his work with intelligent tutoring systems, which tests students and provides feedback for the areas in which the student needs tutelage.

Li discussed how he uses student workers to aid in research and how that is mutually beneficial to the research and the student.

Trejos discussed her research in the growing field of happiness economics.

"Not necessarily are the top students, the happiest," Trejos said. "They may harvest later."

Trejos said this concept is similar to Latin American countries that may not be growing as fast economically as other countries but report more happiness and satisfaction in life.

She said this research is relatable to students as teachers should remember that the students are human beings with lives and other things going on. This concept could inform how teachers conduct their classes by alleviating some stress. She gave the example of not testing after a large break.

Lepore discussed his work with the American Red Cross and the Mind-Body Workshops used with the members of the military.

Lepore also has been working the past three years with refugees in Pittsburgh and wrote a paper on those experiences titled "Flourishing in Partnerships: Observations of the Acculturation Needs of Refugees."

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