Tool eases process of finding, applying for scholarships at Clarion

January 29, 2018
David McFarland
David McFarland

A new tool is now in place to help Clarion University students identify scholarships for which they are eligible to apply.

"When our generous donors set up a scholarship fund, they are able to choose criteria such as a student's major, the high school the student attended, demonstrated financial need, or any criteria they wish. With NextGen Solutions, a student fills out one application, and the search tool does the rest," said Dave McFarland, director of scholarships.

NextGen streamlines the process, which previously required manually navigating a list of scholarships and associated criteria, resulting in some missed opportunities to receive funds.

Clarion University awarded more than $1,076,000 in scholarships during the 2016-17 academic year. This year, nine new scholarships will be awarded, adding another $3,000.

"Our goal is to disburse every scholarship dollar available to help students and their families ease the financial strain of college education," McFarland said.

Any student with a university-issued student ID can use the tool, which identifies Clarion-originated scholarships.

Families can learn about financial assistance for which they may be eligible as early as the application process.

A separate link guides students through external scholarships for which they can apply.

To explore the Clarion scholarships available, visit

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