"Brothers" continues Seifert Cultural Series

February 13, 2017

The Clarion University Seifert Series presents its next event, "Brothers," at 7 p.m. Feb. 13 in the University Theater located in the Suites on Main North along Main Street.

The theme for the 2016-17 series is "The United States of Gender."

"Brothers" is an online web series that follows the narratives of four transmen trying to find inner peace while living in Brooklyn, N.Y. It explores each of their experiences and how they overcome difficult situations regarding their transitions. The series covers a variety of topics including dating and relationships, gender confirming surgeries, daily interactions and more. A few of the actors will be present at the showing for further discussion.

Morgan Woodin, the vice president of Clarion's Allies organization, suggested showing the series to bring awareness to transgender issues.

"Right now, being transgender is a very hot topic in the media, but the majority of the exposure offered are celebrity stories," Woodin said. "From the outside, these stars have an easy life that makes transition effortless."

"Brothers brings to light the struggles that transmen experience that are not often depicted to people who are previously unfamiliar with the subject," Woodin said. "Though the story lines of the characters are fictional, a great deal of the plot was created based on the perspective and input of the actors. This resonated so much with me because I never thought that my voice and my experiences were properly represented by stories portrayed in the media."

Woodin hopes that by attending this event, everyone learns that there are transgender people on campus and that they are normal people. "Though we don't want this part of our identity to define us entirely, even the simplest daily activity has the potential to remind us that we don't fit into the standards of gender that society demands we conform to," Woodin said.

The event is free and open to the public.

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