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2017 LLC Application

Living Learning Communities (LLC's) provide students the opportunity to live in an environment with others who share similar academic and career interests. Students live and attend classes together, form study groups, and explore common career aspirations. Venango offers LLC's in Nursing and in Medical Imaging/Respiratory Care, and are conveniently located in the student apartment complex across the street from the campus.

Wall ClimbWhat can I expect from being part of a  LLC?

  • Start the year off with a Leadership Retreat full of obstacle courses, challenges and new adventures
  • Network with health care professionals from the region
  • Tour facilities:  UPMC Trauma Center and Lake Erie College of Medicine Cadaver Lab
  • Participate in end of the year excursions

Past trips include travel to:

  • New York City 
  • Discovery Center Body Worlds Exhibit, NYC.
  • National Institute of Health, Washington, D.C.
  • National Museum of Military Medical History, Washington, D.C.
Comments from past LLC Members:Student DC Trip

"This has been a great experience, especially with getting to know other people in your major and making friends. Going to the trauma center in Pittsburgh was amazing and really showed you what being in a hospital is like."
-1st  year Nursing student

"What I really thought was cool was our professors came to the apartments and led study groups or conversations about working in health fields. You got to ask questions and learn things differently. The trips were awesome too."
-1st year Respiratory Care student

"Definitely going to DC was the best. Going to such a big organization like the National Institute of Health was pretty significant.  I also liked that our professors went with us and could give us advice on how to have the best experiences for a future job." -1st year Nursing student

LLC Retreat Camp Fire"You get to learn about your personality and leadership styles and also interact with professionals in the hospitals that give you good advice about how to get jobs and what to expect in your clinicals and other places." -first year Medical Imaging student

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