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All titles in the collection can be retrieved by a local subject search under "Barbara  Morgan Harvey Center" in the library catalog.  The monographs and serials in this collection are shelved according to Library of Congress classification in the Barbara Morgan Harvey Center for the Study of Oil Heritage at Suhr Library, Venango campus.  The materials in this collection do not circulate.

Archival Material

Petroleum Industry and trade
Call number - Item Description

•BMHC 1-1 - Charter and minutes for the Producers Consolidated Land and Petroleum Company, September 21, 1875 – December 30, 1895.  (manuscript)

•BMHC 1-2 - United Pipelines ledger: Lands in fee, June, 1877-April, 1884.  (manuscript)

•BMHC 1-3 - United Pipelines ledger.  Stockholders, well and tank statistics. 1881-1884.  Map of Warren and Forest Oil field, and the Cooper tract in Forest County, Pa.  (manuscript)

•BMHC 1-4 - Docket: United Pipelines, 1879-1883  (manuscript)

•BMHC 1-5 - Standard Oil ledger: Transfer orders and drafts, January, 1895-November, 1904.  (manuscript)

•BMHC 1-6 - Office correspondence of H. McSweeney, Solicitor.  On cover: "76 continued from no. 75.  from Jan'y 18, 1896 to March 2, 1896."  (typescript, carbon copy)

•BMHC 1-7 - Legal briefs prepared by H. McSweeney, as solicitor to various oil and pipeline companies.  On cover:  "No. 2. Deeds, Contracts, & etc."  Circa 1896-1898.   (typescript, carbon copy)

•BMHC 1-8 - National Transit Company: list of stockholders 4-23-15 for annual meeting, 5-3-15.  (typescript)

•BMHC 1-9 - Docket (no. 2): Southern Group, 1921  (manuscript)

•BMHC 1-10-1 - 13 deeds, earliest dated 1863, from properties in Venango County, Pennsylvania.  Some sold as oil properties.

•BMHC 1-10-2 - 3 pages (manuscript).  Attached note: "change in code names for National Transit & Seep purchasing agency dated March 10, 1925."

•BMHC 1-10-3 - Ledger, unknown purpose and company. Possible list of stockholders.  Book is damaged, pages start at 39.

•BMHC 1-11 - Cypher Code Book, number 173

•BMHC 1-12 - Cypher Code Book, number 285

•BMHC 1-13 - "Draft Quaker State History" by Barbara I. Paull  (Photocopy)  Working  draft of unpublished manuscript detailing the history of Quaker State from its incorporation in 1931 to 1990,  including information on the men and earlier companies that combined to form the corporation.  Document compiled circa 1991-1993.

•BMHC 1-14-1 - Photograph reprints (136) collected, used, and identified in the publication, "The Oil City," by Charles D. Martens. Several photographs are stamped "photograph  from the collection of the "Drake Well Museum," but most have no attribution of source.  Photographs are arranged in the order in which they appear in the publication.

•BMHC 1-14-2 - Photograph reprints (94) collected during research for, but not included in, "The Oil City," by Charles D. Martens. Some of the photographs are stamped "photograph from the collection of the "Drake Well Museum," but most have no attribution of source.   Most photographs are unidentified and there is no index of subject matter.

•BMHC 1-14-3 - Miscellaneous negatives for photographs in BMHC 1-14-1 and BMHC 1-14-2.


•BMHC 2-1 - Order book, October, 1895-July 18, 1898.  Company unknown.  Possibly a print shop.

•BMHC 2-2 - Official log-book for the iron bark, Phyllis, for May 29, 1922-December, 1922.

•BMHC 2-3 - Shipping contracts for the iron bark, Phyllis for June, 1924 and trip charter party contract for the steamship, Mazama, for August, 1924.

•BMHC 2-4 - Shipping articles of agreement for the bark, Phyllis dated April 28, 1922.

•BMHC 2-5 - Payroll records for unknown ship's crew.  Possibly the iron bark, Phyllis.  Two voyages, 1923.

•BMHC 2-6 - Scrapbook, Oil City National Bank.  Circa 1934.  Photographs of the interior.

•BMHC 2-7-1 - "List of persons coming under #2 showing the gross amount of aid furnished..." 6 pages (manuscript)

•BMHC 2-7-2 - "Meeting of the flood sufferers at Knights of Pythias Hall, July 30th, 1892" – Transcript of minutes.

•BMHC 2-7-3 - Correspondence collecting oil history

•BMHC 2-7-4 - Correspondence  - Genealogy

•BMHC 2-7-5 - Correspondence with Ernest C. Miller

•BMHC 2-7-6 - Correspondence with Thomas Kelly, Church historian

•BMHC 2-7-7 - Correspondence – Book collecting

•BMHC 2-7-8 - Correspondence - Miscellaneous

•BMHC 2-8 - Newspaper Clippings – Photocopies of clippings collected by Mrs. Harvey.  Sorted by broad subject area.

•BMHC 2-9 - Miscellaneous photographs.

•BMHC 2-10 - New Testament (undated) with name "Kate L. Mason" on title page. Given to Barbara Morgan Harvey by George E. Keely in 1975.

John Dewey Articles

•BMHC 3-1 - Eclectic collection of newspaper clippings, periodical articles, and essays by and about John Dewey, who taught high school at the Central Avenue School in Oil City, Pennsylvania for the first two years of his career  (1879-1881). These materials  were first collected by Professor Joseph R. Henderson of Westminster College, New    Wilmington, Pennsylvania, and Ron Shoup of Oil City, Pennsylvania.  They were donated by Bud Pelaghi.

•BMHC 3-2 - John Dewey articles.

•BMHC 3-3 - John Dewey articles

•BMHC 3-4 - John Dewey articles

Non-classified printed material

The materials in this part of the Harvey collection consist of pamphlets, booklets, brochures, photocopies, directories, and advertising materials that have been sorted by broad subject areas and stored in document boxes.

Document Box - Subject

•BMHC D1 - Petroleum Industry and trade

•BMHC D1-2 - Petroleum Industry and trade

•BMHC D2 - Pennsylvania – History

•BMHC D3 - Venango County, Pa.

•BMHC D4 - Oil City, Pa.

•BMHC D5 - Oil City, Pa. (continued)

•BMHC D6 - Church History

•BMHC D7 - Genealogy - includes some family genealogies and name indexes to local publications.

•BMHC D8 - Genealogy (continued)

•BMHC D9 - Daughters of the American Revolution, Mission Canyon Chapter and Belles Lettres Club, Oil City, Pennsylvania – Annual directories.

•BMHC D10 - Folklore

•BMHC D11 - Universities and Colleges - BMHC D12 - United States – Description and travel

•BMHC D13 - United States – Description and travel continued

•BMHC D14 - United States - History

•BMHC D15 - Miscellaneous

•BMHC D16 - Miscellaneous maps


•BMHC R1 - Souvenir vial of crude oil from world's oldest producing well, McClintock  No. 1.  Issued in by First Seneca Bank

•BMHC R2 - Oil cube from Cabinda Gulf's Malong & Takula Fields

•BMHC R3 - Souvenir "Millionth barrel" of production from Angola's Cabinda Concession

•BMHC R4 - Newfoundland Concrete Sample from Hibernia Platform

•BMHC R5 - Canadian Maple Leaf made from Production Facilities Stell of the Hibernia Platform, offshore Newfoundland

•BMHC R6 - Core sample from San Andres Formation, Winkler County, Texas (from a depth of 3600 feet; Paleozoic Era, Permian Period; Age: 190,000,000 years

•BMHC R7 - Souvenir crystal of 10th Anniversary of the Ninian Platform, 1978-88

•BMHC R8 - 150th Anniversary pin - Oil Region Alliance. Oval shaped tie-tack pin issued by the Oil Region Alliance on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the discovery of oil at Drake's Well in 1859 in Titusville, Pennsylvania.

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