Clarion University - Venango Scholarships


Scholarship opportunities are available to all accepted  Clarion University - Venango students. The local community has been very generous through the years by offering scholarships for specific majors as well as the general student.

Clarion University - Venango Scholarship Application Deadline to apply is in March 9th. Please visit to access the application form.

Clarion University's endowed, annual and athletic scholarships provide support to more than 600 students yearly. Scholarships are available to new incoming students as well as currently enrolled students.

If you have any questions please contact the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid at 814-676-6591, ext. 1211.

Louis D. Adelson Venango Student Housing Scholarship:
Established to assist the following groups of students residing in the student apartments at Clarion University - Venango: Disabled Veterans enrolled full-time, Veterans at large enrolled full-time, non-traditional students enrolled full time. Students must also demonstrate financial need. To be considered for the award in subsequent years, the student winner must maintain a 2.0 grade point average.

Louis Adelson Scholarship Excerpt

Louis Adelson Scholarship Application

Ronald E. Black Endowed Scholarship:
Preference for the scholarship is given to adult students who are residents of Venango County.

John Boyle Scholarship:
This scholarship is available to returning adult students, age 24 and older, who are enrolled in Clarion University - Venango credit and/or non-credit programs.  Students may be enrolled on a part-time or full-time basis.  Academic promise and demonstrated financial aid will determine a scholarship award.

The Frank Clark Scholarship:
Established by Mr. Frank Clark who taught in the Speech & Theatre Department at Clarion University from 1967 through 1995. The intent of the scholarship is to award a scholarship to an incoming freshman from a Venango County high school, planning to attend Clarion University - Venango. Second preference will be given to an incoming freshman from a Clarion County school district. Academic criteria includes a minimum SAT score of 950 and graduation in the upper half of class.

Derrick Publishing Company Scholarship Endowment to honor Edward P. Boyle:
Mr. Boyle helped nurture the growth and development of Clarion University - Venango, serving as director and vice president of the Venango Campus Advisory Council. Academic merit and demonstrated financial need is evaluated. First priority will be given to a full-time student who is an employee or child/spouse of an employee of the Derrick Publishing Company.

Franklin Rotary Club Scholarship:
Clarion University - Venango scholarships are made available by the Franklin Rotary Club.  Award recipients must be students who have graduated from Franklin or Rocky Grove High School.  Consideration is based upon the students' academic record, financial need, and participation in extracurricular activities in their community.

Galaxy Federal Credit Union Scholarship:
This Clarion University - Venango scholarship was established by Galaxy Federal Credit Union and awarded annually to a Venango County resident.

Dr. Thomas A. Gardner Radiologic Sciences Scholarship:
The scholarship was established in honor of Dr. Gardner by family and friends. Candidates must be enrolled in the baccalaureate degree program in medical imaging sciences.

Paul M. Goldberg Memorial Scholarship:
The scholarship was established by family and friends to assist Clarion University - Venango students pursuing a business related degree. Academic talent and financial need are criteria. Preference is given to students from the Oil City area.

Nathan and Jack Gourley Memorial Scholarship:
Scholarships are awarded annually with priority given to well deserving returning adult students.

Margery L. Himes Scholarship
This scholarship was established in 2013 by Ms. Himes who was a teacher who taught for 21 years in the Redbank Valley School district.  Award will be based on scholastic aptitude and financial need for students who attend Clarion University - Venango.  The award may be renewed for a second year to the same student.

Alexander D. "Bud" Marks Scholarship
This Clarion University - Venango scholarship was established by Ardelle Marks in loving memory of her husband who was the Corporate Treasurer of National Fuel Gas Supply Corporation in Oil City, and later Hamburg, NY.  Applicants must be a full-time freshman, either traditional or returning adult, who graduated from Oil City High School.  Student must have a minimum QPA of 2.75 and be a business-related major.  The award may be renewed for a second year to the same student.

William Huber Sr. Memorial Scholarship:
This Clarion University - Venango scholarship was established by friends of William Huber, a Venango County resident, who was an exceptional guitarist and extremely active in the community. Eligible recipient must be an active community member.

David M. McElhattan Memorial Scholarship:
Established by the McElhattan family, this scholarship is provided to students who demonstrate above average academic achievement, evidence of involvement in sports, music, the arts, or other social activities as a "team player," or students who display the quality of caring for others in high school or within their community.  Applicants must be seniors or recent graduates of Franklin or Rocky Grove High School.  Scholarships are determined based on financial need.  The scholarship alternates every other year between the Clarion and Venango campuses.

Dr. Glenn McElhattan Scholarships:
This scholarship was established to honor Dr. McElhattan, a Clarion alumnus and Chemistry Department faculty member at the Venango campus. Eligible candidates must be high achieving students enrolled at Clarion University - Venango.

Dr. & Mrs. Arthur William Phillips Scholarship in Memory of William J. McFate & Judge William E. Breene
Mr. McFate and Judge Breene served for many years with distinction as trustees of the Dr. & Mrs. Arthur William Phillips Charitable Trust and were highly respected in the region for their leadership and integrity. The purpose of the scholarship is to benefit Clarion University - Venango students entering fields of study in health-related professions.  Recipients shall have demonstrated financial need and academic merit.

Oil City Lions, Lillian (Shaw) Shinkle, and Ted Shaw Scholarship:
This scholarship was established by the Oil City Lions Club in honor of Lillian Shaw Shinkle and Ted Shaw. Eligible candidates must be recent graduates of Oil City or Venango Christian High School and must be entering their first year of study at Clarion University - Venango. Scholarship recipients may reapply in their second year of study at either Venango campus or Clarion campus.

Oil City Rotary Club Scholarship:
This Clarion University - Venango scholarship are made available through an endowment established by the Oil City Rotary Club. Recipient must be a graduate of Oil City, Cranberry, or Venango Christian high schools. Students are selected on the basis of academic record, financial need, and participation in extracurricular activities.

Oil City Second Presbyterian Women Scholarships:
Clarion University - Venango scholarships are provided annually by the Oil City Second Presbyterian Women's group. Candidates must be health science majors. Priority is given to Venango County residents with financial need. The award may be renewed in succeeding years.

Pennzoil Scholarship Endowment:
This Clarion University - Venango scholarship is made available through an endowment established by Pennzoil. Award criteria is based on academic achievement and financial need.

Regional Vision Leadership Scholarship:
This scholarship was established by Regional Vision Leadership Development for Rural Northwest Pennsylvania to assist students at Clarion University - Venango who exhibit leadership qualities in their community or school.

UPMC NW Medical Center Women's Auxiliary Health Career Fund Scholarships:
These scholarships are awarded to Venango, Forest, and Clarion County residents attending Clarion University - Venango in healthcare programs.

Venango Campus Scholarships:
This annual scholarship is provided by contributions made by Venango campus employees and available to students attending Clarion University - Venango.

Venango Campus Endowment Scholarships:
An endowment established by Venango campus employees funds several scholarships for students attending Clarion University - Venango.

Gloria J. Zampogna Scholarship:
This scholarship was established by Tony Zampogna in memory of his wife Gloria.  Mrs. Zampogna was devoted to the field of nursing.  Award recipients must demonstrate the potential to succeed in the Associate of Science Nursing program.  First priority is given to graduates of Venango Catholic High School.

Zonta Club Scholarships:
This Clarion University - Venango Scholarship is made available by the Zonta Club of Oil City-Franklin to students who reside in Venango County. Consideration is based upon the students' academic record, financial need, and participation in extracurricular activities.

Additionally, scholarships for students residing in Venango, Forest or Clarion County may apply for other scholarship at

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