Early-Start for High School Students

Dual Enrollment for High School Students

Dual Enrollment is the opportunity for students to take college courses and high school courses at the same time. The college credits count toward both high school graduation and your college transcript. Courses are taught by qualified university faculty.young male student

Clarion Dual Enrollment is open to students who:

  • Have a cumulative 3.0 QPA or higher
  • Submit results from the PSAT or SAT (95 or 950 critical reading and math), ACT, or results from the PSSA tests or Keystone exams (advanced in one area)
  • Obtain signatures from their principal, guidance counselor, and parent
  • Provide an official high school transcript

Where can I take classes?

  • Attend Clarion University at Venango or Clarion campus
  • Web based classes that provide the same rigor as regular classes

Will I save money?

  • Yes, there are various options including school participation, university grants and discounted rates.
  • Funding exists to reduce the cost of a course for students meeting program requirements. 
    • Current costs:  $115 per credit plus a one-time $50 nonrefundable records fee for new Dual Enrollment students.
  • You are responsible for the cost of book(s)

  • You may enroll in one course each term at the reduced tuition rate; the second class in any                                    term will be at full tuition and fees. (One term includes, Fall, Spring and one Summer                                    session.)

Will my transition to college be made easier?

Dual enrollment eases the transition from high school to university, giving you time to adjust to rigorous academic expectations while remaining in a more comfortable setting, often with smaller classes and more opportunities to ask questions.

Will my courses transfer?

If you decide that you will not attend Clarion University following graduation, we can help you transfer credits to the college or university of your choice. Also, you can visit www.patrac.org to find out more.

Local districts may have additional requirements. Contact your guidance counselor for more information.

Fill out an application for Dual Enrollment today.

For any additional information contact Venango Admissions at 814-393-1211 or tnestor@clarion.edu.

Last Updated 4/11/18