2008-2009 Newsletters

April 21, 2009 • Volume 4, Number 29
  • Carlson Library Open 24 Hours!
  • Research help
  • Library Tip: Protect Your Valuables!
  • Library Tip: Avoid Late Fees
  • Computer Tip: Grammar Rules!
Something To Think About:
You can find on the outside
only what you possess
on the inside.
-- Adolfo Montiel Ballesteros

April 14, 2009 • Volume 4, Number 28
  • Academic Excellence Week
  • Tax And Accounting Database
  • Pittsburgh Post Gazette update
  • Computer Tip: Dealing With That Annoying Leading Zero
Something To Think About:
A person without a sense of humor
is like a wagon without springs --
jolted by every pebble in the road.
-- Henry Ward Beecher
April 7, 2009 • Volume 4, Number 27
  • Libraries Closed This Weekend
  • Three Weeks And Counting!
  • Information Literacy Workshop For Faculty
  • Computer Tip: Present Points With Pizzazz!
Something To Think About:
He that seeks trouble never misses.
--English Proverb

March 31, 2009 • Volume 4, Number 26
  • Online Tutorials
  • Guides And Pathfinders
  • Information Literacy Workshop For Faculty
  • Computer Tip: Excel Dates Done Your Way!
Something To Think About:
Learn to write your hurts in sand;
learn to carve your blessings in stone.
March 24, 2009 • Volume 4, Number 25
  • Phone, Email, Chat: We're Here For You
  • Library Tip: Online Renewals
  • Computer Tip: What's A CAPTCHA?

Something To Think About:
A family is a unit
composed not only of
children but of men, women,
an occasional animal,
and the common cold.
--Ogden Nash
March 17, 2009 • Volume 4, Number 24
  • Last Call for Workshops
  • Library Tip: Faculty/Staff Access To Special Databases
  • Computer Tip: Shade Blank Cells

Something To Think About:
You can tell whether a man is
clever by his answers.
You can tell whether a man is
wise by his questions
--Naguib Mahfouz
March 10, 2009 • Volume 4, Number 23
  • Research Project? Help Is Available!
  • Workshops May Help
  • Computer Tip: Word Sorting

Something To Think About:
Problems cannot be solved
by thinking within
the framework
in which the problems
were created.
--Albert Einstein
February 24, 2009 • Volume 4, Number 22  
  • Act Quickly - Workshops This Week
  • Winter Break Hours
  • Computer Tip: Sign And Pass It On!?
Something To Think About:
"Always" and 'never"
are two words you should
always remember never to use.
February 17, 2009 • Volume 4, Number 21
  • Workshops Can Help
  • Print Errors In Library Computer Labs
  • Computer Tip: Color Coded Tabs

Something To Think About:
Success on any major scale
requires you to accept  responsibility.
In the final analysis, the one quality that
all successful people have
is the ability to take on responsibility.
--Michael Korda
February 10, 2009 • Volume 4, Number 20
  • Need Data? New Database!
  • Faculty Author Seminar: Fighting Poverty In Latin America
  • Tell Us What You Think
  • Computer Tip: Computer No-No's
Something To Think About:
Being defeated is often
a temporary condition.
Giving up is what makes it
--Marlene Savant

February 3, 2009 • Volume 4, Number 19
  • If We Don't Have It - We'll Get It!
  • Group Study Rooms
  • Computer Tip: AAMMC (Acronyms Are Making Me Crazy!)
Something To Think About:
Nobody really cares
if you're miserable,
so you might as well
be happy.
--Cynthia Nelms
January 27, 2009 • Volume 4, Number 18
  • Early American Titles - Enhanced Accessibility
  • Images Of America In The Early French Rock Press
  • Computer Labs _ Clean & Healthy
  • Library Tip: Off-Campus Access
  • Computer Tip: Cool Spin Tips
Something To Think About:
What we call "Progress"
is the exchange
of one nuisance
for another nuisance.

January 20, 2009 • Volume 4, Number 17
  • Libraries "Virtually" Never Close
  • Libraries for Distance Education Students
  • Suhr Library: Have Laptops - Will Travel
  • Library Tip: Off-Campus Access
  • Computer Tip: F4 - So Many Uses!
Something To Think About:
Charm is the quality
in others that
makes us more satisfied
with ourselves.

January 13, 2009 • Volume 4, Number 16
  • Welcome Back!
  • RefWorks For Students
  • RefWorks For Faculty
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday & Weekend
  • Computer Tip: Passwords That Pass The Tough Test
Something To Think About:
Man can learn nothing
except by going from
the known to the unknown
--Claude Berna
December 2, 2008 • Volume 4, Number 15
  • Carlson Library open 24 Hours A Day
  • The End Is Near, But It's not Too Late!
  • Library Tip: If You Want To Keep It...Keep It Safe
  • Library Tip: Return Day
  • Computer Tip: A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words In Excel
  • Library Fun: Crossword (Library Glossary Two)
Something To Think About:
Life is a series of problems.
Either you are in one now,
you're just coming out of one,
or you're getting ready
to go into another one.
November 24, 2008 • Volume 4, Number 14
  • Thanksgiving Break Hours
  • Carlson Library Open 'Round The clock In December!
  • Library Fun: Crossword (Library Glossary One)
  • Computer Tip: My favorite Keyboard Shortcuts

Something To Think About:
We cannot do great things
On this earth,
Only small things
With great love.
--Mother Teresa
November 18, 2008 • Volume 4, Number 13
  • Last Call For Workshops!
  • Harvey Lecture: Becoming Famous...Then Watching Your Back
  • Library Tip: Tutorials Online
  • Computer Tip: Excel And That Annoying "Leading Zero"
Something To Think About:
Nothing is more honorable
than a grateful heart.

November 11, 2008 • Volume 4, Number 12
  • Finding The Information You Need
  • Harvey Lecture: Becoming Famous...Then Watching Your Back
  • Computer Tip: Public Computers - Personal Safety

Something To Think About:
Generosity is
giving more than you can
and pride is
taking less than you need.
--Kahlil Gibran
November 4, 2008 • Volume 4, Number 11
  • Four Weeks And Counting Down!
  • "An Impossible Place," Nurlph Topic At Faculty Author Seminar
  • Research Help: RefWorks
  • Computer Tip: Give PowerPoint A "Face Lift"

Something To Think About:
To make democracy work,
we must be a nation of participants,
not simply observers.
One who does not vote
has no right to complain.
--Louis L'Amour
October 28, 2008 • Volume 4, Number 10
  • Shhh...! Library Quiet Zones
  • Faculty Promotion & Tenure Recognition
  • Library Tip: Videos, DVD's, and CD's
  • Computer Tip: Zoom In And Out

  Something To Think About:
From ghoulies and ghosties
And long-leggedy beasties
And things that go
bump in the night,
Good Lord, deliver us!
--Old Scottish Saying
October 21, 2008 • Volume 4, Number 9
  • Faculty Promotion & Tenure Recognition
  • Book & Resource Suggestions
  • Library Tip: Closing Routine
  • Library Tip: ID Needed
  • Computer Tip: Word Tables That Measure Up

Something To Think About:
I long to accomplish
a great and noble task,
but it is my chief duty
to accomplish small tasks
as if they were
great and noble.
-- Helen Keller
October 14, 2008 • Volume 4, Number 8
  • Chat Is Back!
  • "Image. Object. An Artist's Perception": Franchino Topic At Faculty Author Seminar
  • Library Tip: Faculty Access To Special Databases
  • Computer Tip: Dating In Excel
Something To Think About:
I look to the future,
because that's where
I'm going to spend
the rest of my life.
--George Burns

October 7, 2008 • Volume 4, Number 7
  • "Google Scholars" Google Electronic Full Text
  • New-And Improving-Web Page
  • Library Tip: DIY Book Renewals Online
  • Computer Tip: Single Cell Hide And Seek
Something To Think About:
Feeling gratitude
and not expressing it
is like wrapping a gift
and not giving it.
September 30, 2008 • Volume 4, Number 6
  • How Do You Like Us Now?
  • Autumn Leaf Festival Hours
  • Two (Or Three) Heads Are Better Than One: Group Study At Carlson Library
  • Faculty Study Room
  • Computer Tip: How Secure Are You On The Web?
September 23, 2008 • Volume 4, Number 5
  • Can't Find It? Let Us Fetch It For You!
  • New Index: Lexi-PALS Drug Guide
  • Library Tip: Off-Campus Access
  • Computer Tip: Auto Calculator

Something To Think About:
We learn wisdom from failure
much more than from success.
We often discover what will do,
by finding out what will not do;
and probably he who
never made a mistake
never made a discovery.
--Samuel Smiles
September 16, 2008 • Volume 4, Number 4
  • Electronic Books Cornucopia
  • New Index: Reference Universe!
  • Library Tip: Electronic Journals
  • Computer Tip: Making A Quick Exit
Something To Think About:
Education is what survives
when what has been learned
has been forgotten. 
--B.F. Skinner

September 9, 2008 • Volume 4, Number 3
  • Reading Music: Music Index Online
  • Information Made Easy: Discover Eagle Gold Search
  • This Friday: Spina Asks, "Why Write?" At Faculty Author Seminar Series
  • Attention Faculty: Library Instruction Tailored For Your Class!
  • Computer Tip: Fine Tune Your Printing Choices
Something To Think About:
Kindness is a language
which the deaf can hear
and the blind can see.
--Mark Twain

September 2, 2008 • Volume 4, Number 2
  • CINAHL With Full Text: The Newest Database For Healthcare Professionals
  • Professional (Library) Help When You Need It The Most!
  • Library Services For Distance Learning Students
  • Mary Buchanan Joins Carlson Library Faculty
  • Wireless Access
  • Computer Tip: Get The REAL Scoop At Snopes
Something To Think About:
Help others achieve their dreams
and you will achieve yours.
--Les Brown

August 26, 2008 • Volume 4, Number 1

  • Welcome Back
  • Carlson And Suhr Hours
  • Library Tip: ID Card
  • Computer Tip: Do/Redo Many Times

Something To Think About:
When I rise, let me rise joyful, like a bird.
When I fall, let me fall without regret,
like a leaf.
--Wendell Berry

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