Completion & University Admission

Students who successfully complete the IEP are awarded a Certificate of Program Completion.

U.S. University Admission 

Satisfactory completion of this program will meet the English language proficiency for students seeking Provisional Admission at Clarion University in an Undergraduate or Graduate* program. Provisional admission provides admission to the University and permits the student to enroll. It stipulates specific criteria by the end of the first term to be converted to regular admission. Failure to meet the specified criteria will result in dismissal. All applications for Provisional Admission must be submitted directly to Clarion University. Go the the International Programs Prospective Student information page to view the applications.

The program will also prepare students for TOEFL and other standardized English language assessments as may be required by other American colleges and universities. Completion of this program cannot guarantee a successful score on these assessments.

Conditional Admission can be provided to students for the purpose of applying for scholarships.  It does not permit enrollment in classes or obtaining a visa.  Conditional admissions require specific additional information providing proof of meeting all admissions requirements to be converted to provisional or regular admission. Conditionally admitted students may be rejected upon review of their completed application.

*Please note: At this time, Clarion University offers the following two graduate programs on a face-to-face environment: M.S. in Special Education and M.S. in Speech Language Pathology. All other graduate programs are offered online.

Last Updated 4/9/18