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The true measure of a university's greatness can be found in the achievements of its alumni. Many Clarion University graduates have made exceptional contributions to their profession, community and/or the university. The Clarion University Alumni Association Distinguished Awards were established by the Clarion University Alumni Association in 1966 to recognize exceptional alumni and university friends. The Clarion University Alumni Association and Clarion University are proud to honor outstanding alumni, friends and faculty.

If you need guidance on how to submit a nomination, or have questions about the Distinguished Awards, please contact the alumni office.

Distinguished Alumni: Established in 1966, this award recognizes alumni who, over an extended period of time and/or through a singular achievement, have achieved exemplary success in their own field, extraordinary service to Clarion, their community, state, nation or all of humanity. Through their citizenship, service and caring and generous spirit, they have personified qualities and character for all Clarion students and graduates to emulate. Up to three awards can be given each year.

Distinguished Venango College Alumni: Established in 1990, this award is presented by the Venango College Distinguished Alumni Award Committee to former campus students with a minimum of 30 credits. They may have been supportive of and brought favorable attention to Venango College through their professional accomplishments and extraordinary service to community and/or humanity.

Distinguished Faculty: Established in 1966, this award recognizes Clarion University faculty members for their excellence in teaching, scholarship, and leadership. Recipients have a dedication and commitment to their profession, a record of professional development and growth, and demonstrate care for and are an inspiration to their students. They may be well known in and out of the classroom and are supportive of Clarion University.

Distinguished Service : Established in 1995, this award is presented to any individual (who may or may not qualify as alumni and faculty) who has given time, talent, and/or resources to the university. They will have made contributions to the university that have a significant influence on the university community and/or or have a record of extraordinary volunteer service and be actively involved with Clarion University.

Last Updated 10/25/18