About ALEKS Mathematics Assessment

what is aleks?

ALEKS is an artificial intelligence assessment tool that identifies for students their strengths and weaknesses in mathematics. It will report to both the student and Clarion University a score on which your mathematics placement is based.

The ALEKS system will help ensure that students are adequately prepared for their first mathematics course. It is important for students to begin in the mathematics course that is most likely to lead to success, and ALEKS is the tool Clarion University uses to determine the appropriate course. Students will not be permitted to take a course unless they have demonstrated readiness by scoring high enough on the ALEKS assessment or by successfully completing the prerequisite course (at the level of a C or better).

How do I take the aleks mathematics assessment?

Students can access the ALEKS mathematics assessment through their MyCLARION account.  After logging in, click the link to navigate to your `Student Center'.  Within the Student Center screen you will see a link for `ALEKS Mathematics Placement' to the left of your schedule.  Click this link to be taken directly into the ALEKS system. (No further sign-on is required.)

How long will the assessment take?

The assessment will ask up to 30 questions. You should plan to complete the assessment in a single two to three hour sitting. If you do not complete the assessment in one sitting, you will have 48 hours to complete it before the assessment is reset.

How many times can I take the assessment?

Students receive an initial attempt at the ALEKS assessment. After completing the first assessment, individualized learning modules will be created for students in the ALEKS system. Students are encouraged to spend time completing these modules, and then are permitted to take the ALEKS assessment a second time.
Students are encouraged to retake the assessment even if they have placed into their desired/required class.

  • Improving a student's background prior to taking their required class will improve their performance in that class.
  • Often times within degree programs students who are interested in specialized career paths or graduate school may be encouraged to take a higher level mathematics course than simply the required course.
  • Students occasionally change their major, and may ultimately need a higher level class.

There is no penalty for retaking the ALEKS assessment. Only the highest ALEKS score is used for placement and prerequisite purposes.

Read more about your ALEKS score for better understanding.  If you feel that you have improved your placement score after retaking the assessment, please contact your advisor to adjust your schedule accordingly.

Who do I contact if I have technical problems?

Students with problems or issues getting started with MyCLARION or the ALEKS placement system should contact the Help Desk at helpdesk@clarion.edu or (814) 393-2640.

If you encounter a technical issue once you are within ALEKS and have started the assessment, contact ALEKS Higher Education Customer Support:

Hours (Eastern Time):
4 p.m. to 1 a.m. Sunday
7 a.m. to 1 a.m. Monday - Thursday
7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Friday
Telephone: (714) 619-7090

Or fill out a support request form here.


Last Updated 4/9/18