Caps, Gowns, & Accessories

Graduation Fair - April 24th

Announcement Cards

Custom graduation announcements to send to family and friends can be ordered through Jostens.

Cap and Gown

Each participant must be attired in an academic robe and matching cap. Academic attire can be purchased at the Clarion University Store. Undergraduate attire, consisting of cap, gown, and tassel, is available for $35.00. These items can also be purchased separately. Master attire, including cap, gown, tassel, and hood, is available for $76.00. All items are available separately.

Candidates Who Are Commuting Students or Student Teaching: If you are unable to visit the Clarion University Store during regular business hours, you may call the University Store at +1 814 393 2696 and use a credit card to order your graduation attire. A shipping charge of $7.99 will be added to all phone or mail orders.

Nursing Candidates: Bachelor of Science in Nursing candidates may obtain academic attire at either the Rhoades Student Center, Venango College, or the University Book Center, Clarion Campus.

ALL Candidates for Graduation: All candidates for graduation are requested to preserve the dignity and beauty of the commencement program. Participants should wear traditional academic attire and other apparel appropriate to the occasion, including shirts, ties, and dress shoes for men; dresses or slacks and appropriate shoes for women.

**PLEASE NOTE: We kindly ask that personal modifications to the mortarboards (caps) be limited to those expressing well-wishing and gratitude or affiliation with sanctioned organizations.  Students are not permitted to have unacceptable decorations, offensive language or inappropriate images on the mortarboards.  Students not following these guidelines may be pulled from the graduation line up.

Honors/Honor Cords

(Undergraduate students only)

Honor graduates are identified at commencement by an honor cord, which is worn with the traditional academic attire. Latin honors designations will be not be permanently placed on a student's transcript until after his/her final semester grades are received and a new, final cumulative grade point average (GPA) is computed. To receive Latin honors, a minimum of 30 credits must be completed at Clarion University (excluding credit by exam).

Because grades from a student's final term of enrollment are not officially posted and recomputed until after graduation, GPA's used for determining honors cords at the commencement ceremony will be made at the end of the semester preceding the student's last semester of enrollment.

Undergraduate students who have achieved the following cumulative averages as of the last graded term of their enrollment should pick up an honor cord at the University Book Center with their cap and gown. There is no charge for honor cords.

  • 3.40 - 3.59 Cum Laude - White
  • 3.60 - 3.79 Magna Cum Laude - Blue
  • 3.80 - 4.00 Summa Cum Laude - Gold

Honors for the final transcript are based on cumulative grade point average including grades for the final semester.

Last Updated 6/7/19