Exit Survey

I am required by federal law to complete an online Exit Interview when leaving Clarion University. Visit the National Student Loan Data System for Students-Exit Counseling Page to complete this. The same link can also be reached by visiting the Federal Direct Loan website. Click on the "Tools and Resources" tab, and then select "Exit Counseling." From the NSLDS page, choose "Exit Counseling."

I understand the following information about my student loan(s):

1. I must repay my loan(s) within ten years, unless my loans are consolidated or I have utilized special repayment options, such as income-sensitive repayment, or have qualified for a deferment or forbearance.

2. I may consolidate my loan(s) to extend the repayment period and lower the monthly payment, but the interest rate and total amount of interest paid may be higher.

3. I may prepay all or part of my loan(s) at any time without penalty.

4. I must notify my lender in writing within 10 days if:

I change my name.
I change my address.
I change my telephone number.
I change my social security number.
I change my references.

5. I must repay my loan(s) even if I don't complete my education.

6. I will be notified in writing if my loan(s) are transferred to a new holder. I must direct all future correspondence to the new holder of the loan(s).

7. If I return to school after a six month grace period, my loans will be placed in a deferment status.

8. I understand that I will not be re-eligible for federal and/or state financial aid (including Federal Direct Student Loans and Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loads) unless I made satisfactory academic progress, or re-gained eligibility by transferring credits in and/or making up any necessary credits, or attaining the necessary cumulative grade point average. Please direct questions about financial aid eligibility to the Office of Financial Aid at +1 814 393 2315.

9. I understand that I must have 24 new credits each academic year to receive PHEAA State Grants.

10. I understand that early withdrawal may result in my needing to repay loans and/or grants.

For specific circumstances, I understand that I must contact the Financial Aid Office at +1 814 393 2314.

Last Updated 4/9/18