Criminal Justice


A.S. Criminal Justice

Clarion University's criminal justice degree program provides a solid, broad-based education in all five areas that comprise criminal justice education, including policing, juvenile justice, criminology, law adjudication, and corrections. The Associate of Science in Criminal Justice prepares students solidly to work in these field areas. This program can now be completed in a face-to-face classroom environment or completely online. The program helps students understand criminal behavior, become familiar with important issues concerning the treatment and rehabilitation of criminals, apply the education to their jobs, and be aware of major policies and trends in criminal justice institutions and practices. It is designed to prepare students for entry-level positions within various federal, state and local agencies and for continuing their education in the field. This program is offered at the Clarion and Venango campuses and online.

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B.S. Criminal Justice Administration

The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration online degree completion program was created to meet the demand of current and prospective students who wish to continue their academic journey while balancing their various personal and professional responsibilities. Students who have either successfully completed an associate's degree or who have amassed 60 college credits are able to matriculate into this program. The underlying goal of this degree is to provide an educational opportunity that will position both current criminal justice practitioners (e.g., nontraditional, place-bound learners) and traditional students for future leadership positions within the variety fields that comprise the American criminal justice system. This program is offered online and at the Clarion and Venango campuses.

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Last Updated 2/22/19