• Slideshow of photos from art, music, and theatre.
  • Slideshow of photos from art, music, and theatre.
  • Slideshow of photos from art, music, and theatre.


The vibrant Department of Visual and Performing Arts is staffed by dedicated, world-class faculty who are experts in their field. Programs in Visual Art, Theater and Music aim to prepare students for careers as artists, designers and performers. All our programs incorporate various auditions, reviews, performances, exhibitions and internships, with an objective to provide undergraduates with the real-life experience they need to excel in their future careers. Tours are offered throughout the year; private visits with department faculty can be arranged by calling the appropriate department secretary. There are portfolio or audition requirements for specific programs as outlined on the Website.  Our accredited programs afford a high-quality education at a price substantially lower than comparable institutions.

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The NASAD Accredited Visual Art programs offered at Clarion aims to advance understanding and appreciation of the world of art, to teach visual literacy, and to provide a foundation in Art History. This is achieved through course work, foundation, progress and senior reviews, exhibitions, research and real-world experience.  Our programs train artists and art professionals in the Bachelor of Fine Arts Studio program and the Bachelor of Arts degree.  The BFA in Graphic Arts, which offers a minor in Web Development, trains design professionals to enter the work force with the preferred graphic design degree. Clarion's Art program, student and faculty community involvement, and our two galleries bring the visual arts to campus and to the surrounding area.

Office is located - 221 Marwick-Boyd                                    Open - 8 am - 4 pm
Phone number - 814-393-2287                                               Fax - 814-393-2723

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NASAD Accreditation

The Clarion University Department of Art, BFA, BA and BFA Graphic Arts degrees are fully accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).

NASAD is the national accrediting agency for art and design-related disciplines. It was established in 1944 to improve educational practices and maintain high professional standards in art and design education. Among its goals are establishing a national forum, establishing reasonable standards, fostering the development of instruction of the highest quality, to evaluate, through accreditation schools of art and design and programs of studio art and design, to counsel and assist schools, help in the formulation of appropriate curricula and standards, and established a national voice.

It has approximately 323 accredited institutional members, and establishes national standards for undergraduate degrees and other credentials.

Clarion has one of only 25 accredited Art Programs in the State of Pennsylvania (four of which only offer Associates degrees.) Within close proximity to Pittsburgh, including Clarion, there are only five schools that offer a NASAD accredited four-year BFA, and Clarion is only of only four of those that offers an accredited BFA with a concentration in Graphic Arts.

ART FACULTY:    Jeremy Boyle
                              Kaersten Colvin-Woodruff
                              Mark Franchino
                              Gary Greenberg
                              Melissa Kuntz
                              Jim Rose

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Office is located - 221 Marwick-Boyd                                    Open - 8 am - 4 pm
Phone number - 814-393-2287                                               Fax - 814-393-2723

The area of Music prides itself in creating a learning environment that focuses on individual student success.  Each student is provided the personalized attention and mentoring necessary to be successful in music.  Our small class sizes - average 12:1 student to faculty ratio - help to guarantee that each student's needs are met.  Students taking music courses are taught by experts in the music field; no graduate teaching assistants teach music courses at Clarion.  All full-time music faculty have terminal degrees in music and maintain an active professional profile in their specialty areas. Additionally, all music faculty serve as academic advisors to music students, so our faculty are intimately involved with the academic progress of each student.

MUSIC FACULTY:   Dr. Stephen Johnson
                                  Dr. Brent Register
                                  Dr. Casey Teske

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To request a musical Instrument, please complete and submit the Online Instrument Checkout Request Form.

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To request permission to use a Clarion University Department of Music locker to store your personal instrument, please complete and submit the Online Locker Request Form.



Office is located - 149 Marwick-Boyd                             Open - 8 am - 4 pm
Phone number - 814-393-2283                                        Fax - 814-393-1623

Theatre students are trained by seasoned professional actors, directors, choreographers, dancers and musicians. Their experience gives a practical perspective to aspiring theatre professionals.

     Degrees offered:

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THEATRE FACULTY:    Myra Bullington
                                        Robert Bullington
                                        Robert Hoover
                                        Robert Levy
                                        Marilouise Michel
                                        Edward Powers
                                        Drew Williams


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