Collaborate with colleagues. Interact with families. Help kids read.

The Reading Specialist program at Clarion University is an internationally and nationally accredited program designed to prepare teachers to extend the literacy skills of students PK-12. Offered in a hybrid format, all but 2 courses are available online.  Your capstone courses are integrated into a Summer Reading Camp offered here on Clarion’s campus, allowing you the opportunity to apply what you’ve learned while improving the lives of children and families in the local community. 

Learn in your own home. Practice in your local schools. Experience the Clarion campus and all its surroundings has to offer. (Housing available)

Reading Specialist courses include:

ED 564 Evidence-based Literacy Instruction
ED 567 Secondary, College, and Content Area Reading
ED 569 Assessment of Literacy
ED 570 Practicum I: Assessment
ED 571 Practicum II: Instruction
ED 574  Literacy Leadership: Collaboration, Coaching, and Collegial Professional Development

For primary level and content teachers, CUP offers a non-certification, web-based program to gain knowledge in research-based reading strategies to enhance teaching with the current emphasis on common core standards and standardized testing preparation. 

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