Student Advisory Council


The Clarion University College of Arts, Education, and Sciences Student Advisory Council (CAES-SAC) serves to enhance communication among the students, staff, faculty, and administration within the college.  The Council advises the Dean on issues of student interest, and provides recommendations on topics ranging from academic programs to strategic planning.

Members of the Council are expected to:

  • Support the mission of the College of Arts, Education, and Sciences;
  • Advocate for student issues related to the work of the college;
  • Provide constructive feedback to the Dean with regard to academic programs, services, and resources within the college;
  • Participate in college planning initiatives; and,
  • Represent the college through their academic work and extra-curricular activities.

Membership of the Council consists of one student representative from each academic department within the college, as well as two students appointed by the Dean.  Department representatives must be nominated by the respective department of their major.  Students must maintain a minimum of 3.0 GPA and be a currently-enrolled student in the college in order to serve on the Council.  The Council meets twice each semester, with additional meetings to be called as needed.

Last Updated 4/9/18