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Welcome to the College of Arts and Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences is the largest academic unit on campus, featuring nearly 30 undergraduate and graduate degree programs across numerous departments, centers, and programs. The mission of the college incorporates four vital components: to provide a quality liberal education experience to stimulate the intellectual development of all university students, to provide a breadth and depth of knowledge and skills appropriate for the majors and minors in the numerous degree programs within the college, to prepare education majors to achieve teacher certification and for successful teaching careers, and to improve the quality of life for society through research, service to the campus and surrounding communities, and meeting the cultural and intellectual needs of the region.

Toward that goal, our uniquely designed academic and co-curricular programs provide students with an exceptional opportunity to acquire knowledge while simultaneously developing an appreciation for diverse perspectives, a complex global community and the importance of life-long learning. Our outstanding faculty and staff are intensely dedicated to student success and the overall teaching mission of the University. Consequently, we are committed to bringing the latest research and technology into the classroom, as well as creating enthusiasm for learning. To this effort, the faculty and staff actively support institutional partnerships, outreach programs, experiential learning opportunities, mentoring, and international education.

In addition to the high-quality academic programs, the College of Arts and Sciences sponsors many events that are open to the community. Throughout the year, we will host numerous conferences, symposia, concerts, exhibitions, science fairs, lectures, and workshops. I invite you to join us! If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Contact Information:      

Dr. Laura Delbrugge
222 Founders Hall    
814 393 2328 


Dr. Suzanne Boyden
Assistant Dean
220 Founders Hall
814 393 2406

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Dr. Gwyneth A. Price
Dean of the School of Education
201 Stevens Hall
814 393 2146


Additional Staff:

Katrina Pascuzzo
Executive Assistant to the Dean
814 393 2328

Missy Kube
Secretary to the Dean/Student Services
814 393 2225









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