College Scholarships

Nancy Shaw McKee Scholarship

The Nancy Shaw McKee scholarship is awarded each spring semester through the College of Arts, Education and Sciences.  This endowed account provides one annual scholarship to an undergraduate student majoring in any area of the arts and sciences.  This scholarship is awarded on the basis of academic performance and financial need.  The eligibility requirements are as follows:

  • Major in Arts and Sciences
  • Junior standing (students can apply in their sophomore year in order to receive the award during their junior year)
  • QPA of 3.0 or higher
  • United States citizen

In order to be considered for this award, students must be:

  • Nominated by a faculty member, who must submit a nomination letter to the College of Arts, Education and Sciences Dean's Office. 
  • The student who is being nominated for the award must submit a goals statement.  Many students also submit a curriculum vitae of their work along with the goals statement.

Please click on the following links to download the scholarship documents.  Applications must be received by the College of Arts, Education and Sciences Dean's Office by March 31.  Be sure to have the faculty nomination letter submitted no later than March 15.  The nomination letter can also be submitted to the Dean's Office at 220 Founders Hall.

 The scholarship is for $15,830.

Derrick Scholarship

The Derrick Scholarship is sponsored by the Derrick News publication.  It is awarded in the spring term of each academic year.  In order to be eligible:

  • Students must be permanent residents of Forest, Venango or Clarion counties.  Preference is given to students who are communication majors and who served as carriers for the Derrick or Clarion News. 
  • In addition to the application (see link below), students are required to write a short essay on their interest in journalism, and how their college experience contributes to this interest.

Click on the links below to download an application and informational flier.  The deadline for applications to be received in the College of Arts, Education and Sciences Dean's Office is March 31.  The application and essay can be submitted to the Dean's Office at 220 Founders Hall.

1. Derrick Scholarship Flier

2. Derrick Scholarship Application

All scholarship recipients will be selected by April 15 and will be notified shortly thereafter via a formal letter from the Dean's Office.  For additional information, please contact the Dean's Office at 814 393 2225.

 The scholarship is for $490.

Linnan-Brown Recognition Scholarship

Criteria for the Linnan-Brown Recognition based upon the endowment agreement:

  • Recipient must be a full-time student and have earned a minimum of 32 credits toward the completion of a baccalaureate degree. 
  • A grade point average of 3.0 in the previous semester is required and must be maintained. 
  • The student must be working toward completing the requirements of a specific degree program. 
  • The student must be a PA resident. 
  • The student must demonstrate significant financial need as demonstrated by FAFSA.

The scholarship is for $930.

The deadline for consideration of this scholarship is March 31.  Please submit a letter of interest with resume of college activities to the Dean's office, 220 Founders Hall before March 31.

Last Updated 2/2/17