• Slideshow of photos from art, music, and theatre.
  • Slideshow of photos from art, music, and theatre.
  • Slideshow of photos from art, music, and theatre.


The vibrant Department of Visual and Performing Arts is staffed by dedicated, world-class faculty who are experts in their field. Programs in Visual Art, Theater and Music aim to prepare students for careers as artists, designers and performers. All our programs incorporate various auditions, reviews, performances, exhibitions and internships, with an objective to provide undergraduates with the real-life experience they need to excel in their future careers. Tours are offered throughout the year; private visits with department faculty can be arranged by calling the appropriate department secretary. There are portfolio or audition requirements for specific programs as outlined on the Website.  Our accredited programs afford a high-quality education at a price substantially lower than comparable institutions.

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Clarion University is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design. The goals of the visual art program include increasing students’ understanding and appreciation of the world of art, teaching visual literacy, and providing a foundation in art and art history. This is achieved through course work, foundation, progress and senior reviews, exhibitions, research and real-world experience. Our programs train artists and art professionals in the Bachelor of Fine Arts Studio program and the Bachelor of Arts degree.  The BFA in Graphic Design, which offers a minor in Web Development, trains design professionals to enter the work force with the preferred graphic design degree. Clarion's Art program, student and faculty community involvement, and the University Galleries bring the visual arts to campus and to the surrounding area.

Office is located - 215 Marwick-Boyd                                    Open - 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Phone number  1 814 393 2287                                            Fax  1 814 393 2723

ART FACULTY:    Kaersten Colvin-Woodruff
                              Mark Franchino
                              Gary Greenberg
                              Melissa Kuntz
                              Jim Rose

Degrees offered:

* Students seeking to enter Clarion University as BFA in Art, or BFA in Art, Graphic Design concentration must successfully compete a portfolio review. Portfolios must include the following: 10-12 artworks (high quality images if submitted digitally)—5 of these should be from life, the remaining pieces should be finished works in any medium. Sketchbooks are strongly recommended.

For students with all of their admissions paperwork completed, acceptance may be offered on the spot. Scholarship opportunities available.

Students without a portfolio are encouraged to enter as a BA in Art and will have the opportunity to apply to the BFA programs after building a portfolio in their first year of study.

Please contact the department for more information or to set up an interview.  


NASAD Accreditation

Clarion University has been granted accreditation for the BFA, BA and BFA (concentration in graphic design) programs by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).


 BFA/BA REVIEW GUIDELINES (for current students)

BFA and BA candidates in Art must successfully complete three reviews as part of either degree program—Foundation Review, Progress Review, and either an Exhibition Review (BFA students with a concentration in Studio Art), a Portfolio Review (BFA students with a concentration in Graphic Design), or Capstone Project (BA students).

*   BFA students with a concentration in Graphic Design may choose to complete an Exhibition Review to participate in the annual exhibition in addition to the Portfolio Review.

** BA students may choose to complete an Exhibition Review, Portfolio Review, or propose their own Capstone Project with approval from their committee and advisor.

1. Foundation Review – final’s week following successful completion of/enrollment in foundation courses.

2. Progress Review – students must complete 2 progress reviews before they complete 90 credits.
    (recommendation: one sophomore year and one junior year)

3. Exhibition Review – final semester.
    Portfolio Review – on, or prior to, final’s week of the student’s final semester.
    Capstone Project – on, or prior to, final’s week of the student’s final semester.


University Galleries



Office is located - 215 Marwick-Boyd                                    Open - 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Phone number  1 814 393 2287                                            Fax   1 814 393 2723

The music program serves students who study music in the context of a broader liberal arts education offered through Clarion University. The department prides itself in creating a learning environment that focuses on individual student success. Each student is provided the personalized attention and mentoring necessary to be successful in the music program.

Students taking music courses are taught by experts in the music field; no graduate teaching assistants teach music courses at Clarion. Additionally, all music faculty serve as academic advisors to music students, so our faculty are continually involved with the academic progress of each student. We offer students drawn from various colleges and disciplines across campus performance opportunities in the following groups:

Degree offered:


Need an instrument?

To request a musical Instrument, please complete and submit the Online Instrument Checkout Request Form.

Need a music locker?

To request permission to use a Clarion University Department of Music locker to store your personal instrument, please complete and submit the Online Locker Request Form.



Office is located - 149 Marwick-Boyd                             Open - 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Phone number  1 814 393 2283                                     Fax - 1 814 393 1623

Theatre students are trained by seasoned professional actors, directors, choreographers, dancers and musicians. Their experience gives a practical perspective to aspiring theatre professionals.

Degrees offered:

BFA Audition Guidelines

Student forms

THEATRE FACULTY:    Myra Bullington
                                        Robert Bullington
                                        Robert Hoover
                                        Robert Levy
                                        Edward Powers


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