Presidential Commissions

 2017-2018 Presidential Commission Chairs

2016-2017: A Report on the Presidential Commissions
2015-2016: A Report on the Presidential Commissions
2014-2015: A Report on the Presidential Commissions

Presidential Commission on Disabilities 

Co-Chairs: Erin Lewis, ext. 2323
Lynne Fleisher, ext. 2778

Presidential Commission on Sexual Harassment 

Co-Chairs:  Matthew Shaffer,ext. 1982
Kari Morris, ext. 1651

Presidential Commission on the Status of Women 

Chair: Young Kim ext. 2338
Co-Chair: Jane Walsh ext. 2276
Treasurer: Kathleen McIntyre ext. 2412
Secretary: Jamie Phillips ext. 2391

Presidential Commission on LGBT+ Concerns

Co-Chairs: Dana Bearer, ext. 2657
Ronald Radaker, ext. 1877
Secretary: Jessica Thomas, ext. 1905
Treasurer: Morgan Woodin

Please contact Ronald Radaker for upcoming Safe Zone training. Check back soon for the webpage dedicated to Safe Zone!


Last Updated 6/12/18