Presidential Commissions

Clarion University's six presidential commissions lead and collaborate to create a campus community that is open, caring, nurturing, personal, fair, engaging, respectful, inclusive and equitable. To further understand how these committees operate, please examine the Bylaws for the Presidential Commissions on the Status of Women, LGBT+ Concerns, Sexual Harassment, Disabilities, Racial Equity and Sustainability.

Presidential Commission Chairs

2018-2019: A Report on the Presidential Commissions
2017-2018: A Report on the Presidential Commissions

2016-2017: A Report on the Presidential Commissions

2015-2016: A Report on the Presidential Commissions
2014-2015: A Report on the Presidential Commissions

Presidential Commission on Disabilities 

Co-Chairs: Erin Lewis, ext. 2323, and Lynne Fleisher, ext. 2778

Presidential Commission on Sexual Harassment 

Co-Chairs:  Matthew Shaffer, ext. 1982, and Paul Klenowski, ext. 1239
Treasurer: Ronald Radaker, ext. 1877
Secretary: Meredith Karg, ext. 1904

Presidential Commission on the Status of Women 

Co-Chairs: Carol Brennan Caplan,ext. 1955, and Kaersten Colvin-woodruff, ext. 2382
Treasurer: TBA
Secretary: Jamie Phillips, ext. 2391

Presidential Commission on LGBT+ Concerns

Co-Chairs: Robert Levy, ext. 2285, and Corey Negley, ext. 2355
Secretary: Jessica Thomas, ext. 1905
Treasurer: TBA

Presidential Commission on racial equity

Co-Chairs: Vasudeva Aravind, ext. 2713, and Richard Lane, ext. 2740
Treasurer: Leah Chambers, ext. 2587
Secretary: Rachel Newbury, ext. 2746

Presidential Commission on Sustainability

Chair: Suzanne Boyden, ext. 2759; Co-Chair: Jessica Thomas, ext. 1905
Secretary: Andrew Keth, ext. 1734
Treasurer: Cristin Ketley, ext. 2516

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