Presidential Commissions

 2017-2018 Presidential Commission Chairs

2016-2017: A Report on the Presidential Commissions
2015-2016: A Report on the Presidential Commissions
2014-2015: A Report on the Presidential Commissions

Presidential Commission on Disabilities 

Co-Chairs: Erin Lewis, ext. 2323
Lynne Fleisher, ext. 2778

Presidential Commission on Sexual Harassment 

Co-Chairs:  Matthew Shaffer,ext. 1982
Kari Morris, ext. 1604

Presidential Commission on the Status of Women 

Chair: Young Kim ext. 2338
Co-Chair: Jane Walsh ext. 2276
Treasurer: Kathleen McIntyre ext. 2412
Secretary: Jamie Phillips ext. 2391

Presidential Commission on LGBT+ Concerns

Co-Chairs: Dana Bearer, ext. 2657
Ronald Radaker, ext. 1877
Secretary: Jessica Thomas, ext. 1905
Treasurer: Morgan Woodin

Please contact Ronald Radaker for upcoming Safe Zone training. Check back soon for the webpage dedicated to Safe Zone!


Presidential Commission on Disabilities

The mission of the Presidential Commission on Disabilities is to increase awareness of disability issues, to identify areas of concern and possible solutions, and to serve as an advocate for the disability community in order that all persons, regardless of disability, have the opportunity to participate in and benefit from the university programs, services, and activities. Membership is open to all interested faculty, staff, and students.

Presidential Commission on Sexual Harassment

The mission of the Presidential Commission on Sexual Harassment is to increase awareness, identify resources, and promote programming on all forms of sexual harassment on and off campus. The Commission works with Social Equity and the Title IX Team, when appropriate, to target education aimed at reducing instances of sexual harassment.

Presidential Commission on the Status of Women

The Presidential Commission on the Status of Women is dedicated to the improvement of Clarion University women, regardless of age, race, class, ethnicity, disabilities, and/or sexual orientation.

Established in 1983 as a subcommittee of the Affirmative Action Committee, the group achieved commission status in 1989 by state mandate.  The establishment of the commission responded to the need for an organization dedicated to equity for women, as well as a philosophy of social, political, and economic equality.

Among the programs the commission has developed to address the diverse needs of women at Clarion are: 

1.  The Returning Adult and Commuting Students (RACS) Center

2.  The Women's Studies Program and minor

3.  The original Sexual Harassment Committee, now a presidential commission

4.  The annual Women's Conference

The commission sponsors the Women's Conference, which is open to the community and provides scholarly discussions of topical issues, experimental workshops from a variety of multicultural perspectives, performing and visual arts opportunities for women, and a celebration of shared camaraderie.

In addition to the Women's Conference, the commission provides consciousness-raising on, and support of, a broad range of women's issues through sponsorship, films, lectures, and workshops presented throughout the academic year.  Topics for these events have included issues of:

1.  health

2.  sexual orientation

3.  African-American women's perspectives

4.  acquaintance rape

5.  violence against women

6.  sports equity

The Presidential Commission on the Status of Women serves as a programming and advisory body that examines equity issues and monitors university policy. In this monitoring role, the commission seeks to ensure that the University and all of its constituencies are in compliance with nondiscrimination policies.  

The Sexual Assault Network comprises community and university members committed to ending sexual violence in the community.  The Sexual Assault Network includes representatives from the state and local police, SAFE, Passages, and Clarion University students, faculty, and administrators.

Among the programs the Sexual Assault Network has sponsored are STAND: A Community Opposes Sexual Assault (a series of presentations on sexual assault), Break the Silence Week, the Clothesline project, Men Speak Out about Sexual Assault, and the fraternity Violence Education Project.



Presidential Commission on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender+ Concerns

The Presidential Commission on LGBT+ Concerns is to ensure and strengthen a visible, safe, equitable, inclusive, and welcoming community for students and employees of all sexual orientations, gender identities ad gender expressions at Clarion University through education, advocacy, assessment, community engagement and activism.

 For more information on the Presidential Commissions, please contact the Social Equity Office at:

The Office of Social Equity
210 Carrier Administration Building
Clarion, Pa.  16214
Telephone: (814) 393-2109
Fax: (814) 393-1618

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