In addition to overseeing the university's visual identity program, PAGES offers planning and consulting, editing, rewriting, graphic design, Web design, typesetting and formatting, and printer liaison.

PAGES secures estimates, obtains bidding and technical printing information, and delivers your job to the printer, providing essential, high-quality pre-press services in support of your academic mission.

PAGES offers digital black and white and color output systems, to meet the needs of university academic and administrative offices.

Official Publications

The university defines official publications as materials intended for public distribution. PAGES must review all official publications whether they are printed on- or off-campus.

All printing must be purchased through PAGES in conjunction with the Purchasing Office. See "Policy on Reproduction of Materials for Outside Dissemination" in Leaves of Gold, Clarion University Policies and Procedures Manual, Procedure 40.010. Policy 40.010 states, "Official Clarion University publications and other materials prepared for public distribution reflect the character and quality of the institution and its services.

Therefore, all printing jobs for public distribution must have written approval from the publications director. The Purchasing Office will not assign PO numbers without such approval, and Accounts Payable will not pay printing invoices that do not have this approval attached. Individuals who order printing of any kind without written approval will be personally liable for payment."

Materials designated as official university publications include "all printed materials intended for external public or campus-wide distribution:"

  • handbills

  • letterhead/envelopes

  • posters

  • program flyers

  • programs (public events)

  • Student Affairs publications

  • Admissions publications

  • advertisements

  • book or report covers
  • signs

  • booklets

  • brochures

  • business cards

  • catalogs

  • class schedules

  • forms (campus-wide or external)


Additional, Important Policies Regarding Publications

The policy further states, "University agencies that require printing (or reprinting) must contact the publications director. In all cases where the university's print shop (PAGES) cannot handle a job because of size, technical, or equipment requirements, or scheduling conflicts, the publications director will channel the printing to an outside vendor who specializes in the type of printing required. The Publications Office will obtain estimates and prepare printing specifications for bidding in cooperation with the Purchasing Office."

Customer Recommendation Regarding Publications

Contact the Director of Print Services or a designer and tell PAGES the basic information of what you seek in that particular publication. Furnishing PAGES with hard copy samples of similar publications is always helpful and is encouraged. Once a publication concept, design, page structure and quantity are known, PAGES then can prepare a quote for you and in most cases can be secured in 48 hours or less. But depending upon the total cost of the job, additional time may be necessary to procure a quote. Publications exceeding $18,000 must be sent out for bid per Clarion University policy with bids often ready in 10 working days. So, allow additional time for a larger publication.

Certain materials are not considered official and can be sent directly to PAGES without review:

  • classroom handouts

  • forms to be used within a department only

  • reports to external agencies-self studies, etc.

  • student-produced publications

Newsletters do not require editorial review but must carry the logo, appropriate affirmative action statement furnished by the Publications Office, and publishing information (see "Logo on Newsletters").

Services Provided

These are some of the jobs PAGES can design:

  • advertisements

  • announcements

  • book or report covers

  • booklets

  • brochures

  • forms for external or university-wide use

  • posters

  • programs

  • flyers

  • Web page updates/design


We provide editing, typographic and format planning, design, printer liaison, and consultation for catalogs, class schedules, Student Rights and Regulations Online Handbook, Clarion and Beyond, and other university documents.

Support Function

The staff of PAGES will provide assistance in preparing signs, table tents, and other items as time and staff limitations permit. PAGES cannot devote staff time to any items that will be duplicated on departmental copiers.

The Publication Process

Essentially, the publication process involves three phases: writing and editing, design, and printing or electronic transmission. The written material usually comes to us on a disk, thumb drive, or via e-mail, along with a hard copy. We rewrite or edit as required, prepare the design for your approval, and turn the printer-ready materials over to the printer for completion.

Planning Conferences

Advanced planning is the key to producing attractive and effective publications that will accomplish your goals. When you anticipate the need for a publication, typesetting, or design, call ext. 1889 to schedule a planning conference. At this meeting, we can discuss scheduling, budget, the form your communication will take, and the assistance you desire from PAGES.

Editorial Review

PAGES is responsible for preparing printed and electronic materials that reflect the quality of the university's programs and services. We rewrite and edit for conformity with truth in advertising and copyright laws, affirmative action policies, university style, suitability or graphic presentation for the intended audience and purpose, correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation, official use of the logo and other university symbols, and postal regulations.

Publication Procedures

In most cases, the department ordering a publication prepares the text on a disk, thumb drive or e-mail and provides a hard copy. Please contact us before keyboarding starts to be sure we have compatible software for the PC or Mac systems.

  • University-wide, Microsoft Word is preferable.

  • Prepare your publication materials as you would a manuscript. Do NOT divide it into panels or put it into a designed format.

  • Provide at least one inch margins on all sides of a white 8.5 by 11 inch sheet and be sure to number the pages.

  • Use a hard return to end paragraphs, headings, etc.

  • Type ONE SPACE ONLY after all punctuation. For columnar matter, set tabs. Do NOT use default settings, spaces to line up the copy, or dot leaders.

  • You may use indentations, and bold type. No underlining.

  • When typing quotation marks, use the same character throughout the text.

  • Do NOT use a capital O for zero or lower case L for the number 1.

  • Include a hard copy of all materials submitted to PAGES.

  • If you submit minimal revisions for a publication we prepared for you within the past two years, type only the new material and mark insertion points on an old publication. If your revisions are extensive, you must submit a new disk and hard copy.

  • When we receive your data, we will edit your copy and confer with you on a final draft if we introduce substantive changes. After formatting and design, we contact you to proofread and approve the publication. If you find typesetting errors, we will correct them and forward the materials for printing.


Creative Services and Lead Time

To use our design and typesetting services, you must allow adequate time for creative work. Call ahead for an approximate schedule; when planning your time line, be sure to include two days for proofing. The times listed below are from start to delivery-from the arrival of your copy and disk at the PAGES office through our design and formatting, your approval time for proofs, and completion of printing and bindery operations.


Job type

invitations with envelopes
poster/handbill, 8.5 by 11
poster, designed, 11 by 17
workshop or seminar flyers
single sheet programs folded to 5.5 by 8.5 inches
multiple-page programs or other booklets
three-fold program brochures
three- to six-color brochures
Business Reply Mail envelopes
forms, all campus or external

Average time required

10 working days
5 working days
15 working days
15 working days
7 working days
20 working days
20 working days
eight weeks (including bidding)
20 working days (including checking by Postal Service)
10 working days

For publications that require considerable creative work, editing, rewriting, photography, special paper orders, or bidding, you must allow additional time. If you cannot provide the necessary advance time, we will review your materials and may arrange for outside typesetting and/or printing with a bill or chargeback to your account.


Printing Quotations

PAGES will obtain quotations for printing costs to help you plan your projects. To provide accurate figures, PAGES must have the following information: number of copies, page size, number of pages, paper and ink choices, intended audience and purpose, mode of distribution, date needed, source of funds (cost center number), and any known budget constraints.


Printing Services

Digital copying services are available at PAGES, which is open to university faculty, administrators, staff, and students.

PAGES can produce:

  • announcements

  • booklets

  • brochures

  • business cards

  • calendars of events

  • campus maps

  • cards

  • classroom handouts

  • certificates

  • correspondence

  • course packets for bookstore sale

  • flyers

  • forms (including carbonless)

  • invitations

  • labels

  • stationery/envelopes
  • meeting agendas and notes

  • memo pads

  • newsletters

  • note pads

  • pamphlets

  • posters

  • program announcements

  • programs

  • recruitment and registration materials

  • reports

  • sports materials

  • study guides

  • tests

  • tickets

  • door hangers


Other Services Provided

  • printed reproduction of materials in one or more colors of ink

  • bindery services

  • collating

  • folding

  • stapling

  • cutting

  • padding

  • drilling

  • book binding

  • laminating

  • departmental stationery and business cards
  • complete mailing and addressing for bulk and presorted first class mail, including tabbing, labeling, sorting, and postage.

  • consultation regarding completion times, cost estimates, paper choices, and finishing operations

  • billing to departments (chargeback) and student organizations

  • delivery on request


Quick Copy Procedures

For the best possible quality, digital copying services are available by forwarding documents to, providing customers with clearer, higher-quality copies at the same rates previously available for analog copying services. Please fax a hard copy to ext. 2742 so that we can double check to ensure your document appears as you want it following electronic transmission.

PAGES can accept documents created in a variety of software applications, including:

  • Microsoft Word

  • Excel

  • PowerPoint

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe PhotoShop

  • Adobe Acrobat


If you prefer, save your document to a CD and send it to PAGES via campus mail. Include a hard copy to ensure the integrity of your document.

For electronic submissions, PAGES has a selection of fonts available, however, when using a specialized font, please include it with your document. Fonts can be submitted to our e-mail site:

When submitting a hard copy for duplicating, please follow these guidelines when you prepare originals for duplication to ensure the best possible results:


  1. Send an original with each order. Reprinting from a printed copy results in quality loss.

  2. Prepare your original with black print on white paper (no onion skin, please). Laser print or carbon ribbon produce the best contrast. Lead pencil, gray type and blue ink do not reproduce well.

  3. Type on one side of the sheet so the printing will not show through.

  4. Number your pages consecutively. If you do not want numbers on your final document, you may hand number each page on the back.

  5. If you must insert cut copy into your original, use magic mending tape on all four sides (not over the printing). Glue or wax will not adhere during reproduction.

  6. Be sure to leave at least one-half inch white space around all edges.

  7. To have a letter reproduced on university letterhead, you must supply your own pre-printed departmental letterhead (unless we have it in stock) and type the body of the letter on plain white paper. We can supply general university letterhead.


Postal Requirements for Mailing

When you prepare a self-mailing flyer, be sure the open end of the folded piece is at the top, with the return address at the top left of its panel. No type or art should show above the return address on that panel. The Postal Service requires single-sheet flyers to be closed at the center top with a tab or clear tape. PAGES can tab your mailer if requested.

PAGES provides presort (cass certification) mailing services, saving customers between $.02-$.10 per piece. Presorting checks address deliverability and change-of-address updates, and formats the address to postal regulations. Postal regulations require that addresses (standard or first class presorted) must be checked through NCOA (National Change of Address) every 90 days.


Pick-up and Delivery

You may drop off your copy jobs with a completed Duplicating Request form or send them through campus mail. Work hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on weekdays. You may drop off jobs or pick up completed work by entering the Central Services on the west end of the building. If you want your finished work delivered, be sure to mark it on the Duplicating Request form. Depending on student availability, most jobs can be delivered immediately upon completion; larger jobs may take additional time. Please let us know your needs, and PAGES will meet them.

If you have a fairly complicated job that requires special handling, deliver it yourself, and discuss it with a staff member, or call ahead to explain your needs.

For security reasons, examinations should not be sent through campus mail, but should be hand delivered by the faculty member if possible. The exam, master, and all copies, are shrink-wrapped and kept in a secure area until the requestor comes to pick them up. No students work on examinations.


Copyright Protection

Clarion University's policy on copyrighted material prohibits unauthorized or illegal copying or duplicating in any form unless it is covered by fair use provisions of the Copyright Act of 1976 or written permission has been obtained. This includes both written and illustrated materials, commercial cartoons, comic strips, works of art, drawings, and photographs in newsletters or other publications prepared for general distribution.

PAGES will decline to reproduce unauthorized materials protected by copyright and individuals who make or request unauthorized copies are liable for their actions.

Faculty members who order course packets should allow ample time for the Book Store to obtain necessary copyright permissions before sending the order forward for duplication.

Clarion University's policy on Copyrighted Material (Leaves of Gold: Clarion University Policies and Procedures Manual, Procedure 56.001).


For More Information

Contact us at ext. 2679. PAGES is located in the Central Services Building at 840 Wood Street. Our hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. You can reach us by e-mail at

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